Proposal: Activate ARB Staking (FINAL)

I know this is a long shot, but it would be unique and awesome if Arbitrum could become the community that holds each other accountable.

In this case, Plutus DAO is infamous for their misleading advertising during the airdrop that tricked millions of arb into locking and then spending the next several months gaslighting retail investors who felt misled. This caused immeasurable damage to the ecosystem’s reputation and countless people have been turned off to investing in arbitrum because of it. We should not reward people who act in this manner.

There is no strategic ecosystem advantage to this proposal. While the token needs utility is doesnt need inflation for inflation’s sake. Thats all this is. Printing more ARB in the hope that certain lockers can disproportionately benefit.

The only group this helps is people who launched a “governance blackhole” and now need an excuse to lock tokens to prevent people getting their money out of their protocol. I do not think we should turn up the inflation just so the Plutus team can justify holding 10 million arb hostage from unwitting retail investors.