[Proposal] Arbitrum and Slash Payment in the Asian payment market

Title – Proposal: [Arbitrum and Slash Payment in the Asian payment market]

Abstract - We are building a crypto payments solution called Slash Payment.We are considering support for Arbitrum and are currently investigating the liquidity of each DEX.

Motivation - 1 Popularization of Arbitrum in the crypto payment market.

2 Promote the spread of Arbitrum in Asian markets including Japan.

3 Planning and sales in collaboration with Arbitrum Japan.

We believe that we can maximize Arbitrum’s potential in Asian market, and we look forward to working with you.

Rationale - Arbitrum is building a localized market strategy. We have realized a business alliance regarding crypto payments in Japan, and we believe that we can contribute to Arbitrum’s growth. (ex: Slash Fintech Limited, SB Payment Service and Caica Exchange Conclude a Business Partnership Agreement to Promote the Spread of Smart Contract Payment | Information 2023 | SB Payment Service, PSP)

Through our relationship with Arbitrum Japan, we aim to share the Arbitrum ecosystem with more people.

Specifications - Slash Payment (https://www.slash.fi/) is a decentralized and non-custodial payment gateway that enables merchants to accept any type of ERC20 tokens as payment while receiving the same transaction in their preferred stable token.

In other words, a consumer can pay for a good/service in whatever token of their choice and the merchant can receive that payment in USDT, DAI, JPYC, etc.

In short, if a merchant has Slash enabled

  • you can pay using any tokens on Ethereum, Polygon, Astar, BNB, or Avalanche
  • each payment is swapped real-time utilizing liquidity from DEXs
  • Merchant receives the transaction in a stablecoin of their choice.

Steps to Implement - Merchant onboarding is super simple, without any KYC required. Dapps and EC sites can use our API by simply logging in with their crypto wallet, selecting the sales receipt settings from four types of stable coins, and issuing a contract.

We have also recently partnered with JPYC to enable businesses to off-ramp the crypto revenue into JPYC without having to manage wallets or digital assets at all. We aim to create a market environment that makes it easy for Japanese companies to receive crypto as a form of payment.

Timeline - We plan to complete support by the end of November and plan to carry out measures such as press releases, events, and campaigns.

We aim to increase GMV by introducing it to Dapps and crypto exchanges, and we also hope to be able to make payments using tokens on Arbitrum at e-commerce sites and sushi restaurants.

Overall Cost -

Press releases, events, and campaigns:$2K


・SVL (Slash Vision Labs) Ecosystem

We are also building a token ecosystem with our own token Slash Vision Labs Token (SVL), which is scheduled to be listed on overseas crypto asset exchanges in Q1 of 2024. We’ve adopted a vote-escrow model, that will, that returns 100% of the collected payment fees back to the ecosystem and veSVL holders.

Right now, the only source of revenue is the Slash Payment product, but we are releasing an NFT enabled product called Slash Vaults very soon. We’re also planning to launch our own crypto powered credit card as well.

・Slash Vaults

Slash Vaults is an application that elevates the concept of NFTs to the next level. Unlike traditional NFTs that focus solely on ownership, Slash Vaults introduces new utility and functionality specifically designed for NFTs. It is a new solution that enables wrapping fungible tokens around an NFT of ERC-721 standard.

NFT owners can access a vault for each NFT they own by visiting the Slash Vaults platform and connecting their Web3 wallet. Furthermore, the assets deposited in the Slash Vaults can be utilized for payment using Slash Vaults Pay.


Alice is our NFT project that combines crypto-native culture with the essence of cyberpunk. Through 20 characters, it explores the identity and worldview of the new digital era, offering innovative stories and art. We’re advancing our unique ecosystem forward, where cryptocurrency and art intersect, to shape the future of blockchain and digital content.

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