Proposal: Experimental Incentive System for Active ArbitrumDAO Delegates

We first want to thank Seed LATAM and @cattin for their continuous effort and dedication on this proposal. As the DAO continues to engage in discussion as to the best mechanisms to support governance participation and proposal analysis, Seed LATAM has been a leader in enhancing our governance process. Given this, Michigan Blockchain are voting FOR Option 1 in the snapshot temperature check.

Seed LATAM has delivered a comprehensive incentive system that involves detailed scoring criteria and encourages community involvement. We believe that the current proposed system will sufficiently evaluate delegate participation with transparency. We must acknowledge that this is our first attempt at such a system. A transparent and iterative process is therefore crucial to produce a community-driven program that benefits the DAO governance and protocol as a whole.

This is also why we are choosing to support Option 1 over Option 2, which introduces automation with Karma. Though automation and optimizing the process will be important as the DAO progresses, implementing such a system before we have fully understood what is required of said system would be unnecessary and could hinder our ability to iterate and improve going forward. We agree with @Curia that utilizing Karma or other tools for data visualization and transparency would be beneficial as we run this trial. We are excited by the prospect of this proposal and look forward to working with Seed LATAM and our fellow delegates to see its success.