L2BEAT Delegate Communication Thread


[Snapshot] Arbitrum Security Enhancement Fund - Voted FOR

Even though Cyfrin withdrew their proposal in order to participate in the procurement framework, we decided to vote in favour of their proposal to signal our support.

[Snapshot] Activate ARB Staking - Voted FOR & Lowest Amount

After our initial comments were addressed, we decided to vote in favour of the proposal. We still believed the proposal could be improved before going to on-chain vote, and therefore we voiced our opinion after we voted.

[Snapshot] The Arbitrum Coalition - Voted ABSTAIN

We were originally included in the proposal as the pre-appointed “Advocate”, even though we did not participate in the formation of the coalition and did not co-author the proposal. However, we provided our extensive feedback and point of view for the consideration of other delegates in the forums.

[Snapshot] Procurement Framework | Security - Voted FOR

DK put forward a proposal to consolidate all security-related proposals in a procurement framework. Given the multiple proposals with that scope appearing on the forum at the same time, we believe that creating a framework to onboard them makes a ton of sense and therefore voted in its favour.

[Snapshot] Backfund Successful STIP Proposals - Voted FOR

Although we were initially hesitant to support the proposal, after extensive discussion with the team leading the initiative, and after our original concerns were addressed, we were happy to support the proposal.

[Tally] Backfund Successful STIP Proposals - Voted FOR

We voted in favour of the proposal following a successful temp-check.

[Snapshot] Funding Gas Rebate and Trading Competition Program to Amplify Arbitrum’s Ecosystem Growth - Voted AGAINST

We voted against the proposal since we believe it should have pursued funding through the STIP instead of coming directly to the DAO. We encouraged the proposer to resubmit their proposal during the second round of STIP, when it becomes available.

[Tally] Empowering Early Contributors: The community Arbiter Proposal - Voted AGAINST

Voting against the proposal was very difficult and it wasn’t a decision we made lightly. During temp-check, we communicated that we felt the requested amount was too high and that we’d be really supportive of the proposal if the request was lowered by a considerable amount. The proposal was submitted to on-chain vote without any amendment and therefore we stuck to our original decision. Our full rationale can be found here.

[Snapshot] ArbOS Version 11 - Voted FOR

We agreed with the proposed upgrades & fixes and their scope and voted in favour of the proposal during temp-check, while also committing to extensively review the proposed changes before the on-chain vote.

[Snapshot] Timeline Extension for STIP and Backfund Grantees - Voted Extend for Both

After reviewing the proposal and considering the implications of all options, we decided to vote in favour of extending the timeline both for original STIP recipients as well as for backfund grantees.

[Snapshot] Experimental Incentive System for Active ArbitrumDAO Delegates - Voted FOR

We’ve been involved in the discussion surrounding the concept of delegate incentives for the past few months, and we’ve actively provided our feedback through multiple RFCs before this proposal. Although we believe there are small improvements that can be made before the proposal goes to on-chain vote, we voted in favour of it during temp-check to signal our support. You can find our full rationale here.

[Snapshot] Establish the ‘Arbitrum Research & Development Collective - Voted For highest→lowest amount

We supported the proposal as we believe a collective similar to the one outlined will be very useful to the DAO.


Ecosystem Security Fund by Sherlock

Sherlock put forward a proposal for the provision of security related services to the DAO and although they too withdrew their proposal to participate in the proposal to consolidate all security-related proposals into an RFP process, we dropped a comment in the forums to signal our support for their team.

Hosted Open Governance Call #9

You can find the recording, chat log and transcript of Open Governance Call #9 here.

L2BEAT Arbitrum Office Hours

Lastly, we want to remind everyone that to further our communication with our constituents and any interested party in the community, we’re hosting recurring Office Hours on Google Meets.

The office hours are held every Thursday at 4pm UTC/ 11am EST

During the Office Hours, you will be able to reach L2BEAT’s governance team, which consists of @krst and @Sinkas and discuss our activity as delegates.

The purpose of the office hours is to gather feedback from the people who have delegated to us, answer any questions in regards to our voting activities and rationale, and collect input on things you’d like us engage in discussions about.

You can add the L2BEAT Governance Calendar in your Google Calendar 10 to find the respective Google Meets links for every call and to easily keep track of the Office Hours, as well as other important calls and events (e.g. voting deadlines) relevant to Arbitrum that L2BEAT governance team will be attending or hosting.