[PROPOSAL] - Procurement Framework | Security : Non-Constitutional Proposal (Prev RFP)

After reviewing the proposal, Curia will support the implementation of a Request for Proposal (RFP) process within the Arbitrum ecosystem, recognizing its strategic importance. It ensures no single organization can create a power capture effect, fostering a healthy, competitive environment that benefits the entire ecosystem. By avoiding organizational power capture, we guarantee innovation and service quality remain high, with various providers contributing diverse perspectives on security.
However, we do hold a concern regarding the transparency of the committee process. The effectiveness of the RFP system hinges on the committee’s operations being transparent to maintain trust within the community. There must be clear communication and documentation of decision-making processes to avoid any perception of bias or unfair advantage. Ensuring this transparency will be crucial in upholding the integrity of the RFP process and by extension, the security of the Arbitrum ecosystem.

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