[RabbitHole] [FINAL] [STIP - Round 1]

Grant funds may only be used to incentivize Arbitrum contracts and can not be used for to pay Quest Protocol as this appears to be an operational cost.

Hi @Matt_StableLab - I updated the proposal to make it clear that 100% of the ARB will be distributed through the QuestFactory contract in the Quest Protocol listed in the above proposal. Thank you!

Given the huge demand on the STIP i believe this grant should be significantly lowered if it seeks to pass. I think delegates will have a hard time justifying why 1m ARB on RabbitHole quests is a good bet for ecosystem growth when comparative questing platforms are seeking far lower.

Hi @flindy thanks for your concern. I scanned the list of proposals and I think you’re referring to Galxe’s proposal here which is lower and asking for 500k ARB.

While we’re a big fan of Galxe, I think it’s helpful to do a side-by-side comparison of the two proposals as it will paint a clear picture of why RabbitHole & Quest Protocol will yield greater results than Galxe for the Arbitrum DAO (in terms of # of transactions and net cost).

Here is a breakdown for you and other delegates:

Galxe RabbitHole
Ask 500K ARB 1M ARB
KPI 400k transactions (400K NFTs minted) 2.7m transactions
CPA (Cost per action) 1.25 ARB 0.36 ARB
Est. Arbitrum network fees driven $80,000 $550,000
Net cost to ArbitrumDAO (ARB distributed @ $0.90 per ARB - network fees generated) $368,988 $347,976.00
Projects included Any project that chooses to run a Galxe campaign (since Galxe is self-serve) Projects curated by RabbitHole that benefit the Arbitrum ecosystem (included in the project above)
White-label Arbitrum quest platform No Yes

Happy to answer any further questions above if anything is not clear!

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