[Request for Comment] Introducing the "Arbitrum Almanac" - A Community-Created Resource

Hello, Arbitrum Community!

I am thrilled to propose a new and exciting project that I believe will not only bring us closer as a community but also serve as a valuable resource for all Arbitrum enthusiasts - the “Arbitrum Almanac”. Inspired by the collaborative and decentralized ethos of the Arbitrum protocol, this project aims to create a comprehensive, community-driven almanac that encapsulates the essence of Arbitrum.

Drawing inspiration from projects like the Carbon Almanac, the Arbitrum Almanac will be a testament to the power of decentralized collaboration and knowledge creation. It will contain everything from technical explanations and use-cases to historical milestones and future projections, all curated and contributed by you, the community members.

But why stop there? The Carbon Almanac also hosts a series of podcasts where volunteers share their insights and experiences while working on the project. Imagine an “Arbitrum Almanac Collective Podcast” where we, the creators and users of Arbitrum, discuss our work, share our ‘aha’ moments, and talk about the future of this revolutionary protocol. This could be a platform for us to share ideas, perspectives, and things we can actually do to make a difference in (and with) crypto.

This is an opportunity for us to pool our knowledge, experiences, and perspectives to create a resource that is as diverse and dynamic as the community itself. Whether you’re a developer, a user, or simply an enthusiast, your insights are valuable and can help shape this almanac.

I look forward to gauging interest and hearing thoughts, ideas, and suggestions on how we can make this project a reality.


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