Sanko GameCorp STIP Addendum

Information about STIP/STIP Backfund

  1. Can you provide a link to your previous STIP proposal (round 1 or backfund)?
  1. How much, in the previous STIP proposal, did you request in ARB?

500K ARB

  1. What date did you start the incentive program and what date did it end?

The incentive program began on October 31, 2023, and ended on March 29, 2024.

  1. Could you provide the links to the bi-weekly STIP performance reports and Openblocks Dashboard?

Sanko TV’s performance during the incentive program can be tracked using the Sanko TV Dune Dashboard.

While Sanko GameCorp’s claims were tracked by OpenLabs, they did not create a dashboard for Sanko TV.

  1. Could you provide the KPI(s) that you deem relevant for your protocol, both in absolute terms and percentage change, month over month, for the first of each month starting from October 2023 until April 2024, including the extremes? If you don’t know what KPI might be relevant for you or how to properly define them, please refer to the following document:[Arbitrum DAO] OpenBlock Labs Incentive Onboarding Spec

Sanko GameCorp’s core KPIs for the STIP focus on meaningful usage and interaction with Sanko TV: Cumulative Gift and Pass Volume, streamer and protocol revenue, and TVL in Sanko TV’s Pass contract.

Cumulative Gift and Pass Volume:

Date 11/30/23 12/31/23 1/31/24 2/29/24 3/31/24 4/30/24
Cumulative Volume (ETH) 283.47 358.89 418.69 579.02 805.69 999.6
Cumulative Volume % Growth 0.00% 26.61% 16.66% 38.29% 39.15% 24.07%

Cumulative Streamer and Protocol Earnings:

Date 11/30/23 12/31/23 1/31/24 2/29/24 3/31/24 4/30/24
Cumulative Streamer Earnings (ETH) 24.10 37.04 57.13 87.55 141.55 181.62
Cumulative Streamer Earnings % Growth 0.00% 53.69% 54.24% 53.25% 61.68% 28.31%
Cumulative Protocol Earnings (ETH) 14.28 18.46 22.31 34.84 53.68 69.60
Cumulative Protocol Earnings % Growth 0.00% 29.27% 20.86% 56.16% 54.08% 29.66%

Sanko TV TVL:

Date 11/30/23 12/31/23 1/31/24 2/29/24 3/31/24 4/30/24
TVL (ETH) 24.58 17.89 16.15 23.07 19.77 27.25
TVL % Change 0.00% -27.22% -9.73% 42.85% -14.30% 37.84%

Sanko TV experienced a marked increase in cumulative volume and earnings during the STIP incentivization period. ARB incentives were distributed to users at the end of two seasons – 200K ARB was distributed to users at the end of Season 1 on February 2, 2024; 300K ARB was distributed at the end of Season 2 on March 29, 2024. Users accumulated points during each by interacting with Sanko TV in meaningful ways by tipping streamers, trading Passes, and hosting popular streams. Following the ARB disbursement at the end of Season 1, Sanko TV experienced a noticeable uptick in volume, earnings, and TVL; this also coincided with the addition of UX-enhancing features to Sanko TV, including stream VODs and boosted streams.

  1. Any lessons learned from the previous STIP round?

An interesting lesson learned relates to airdropping incentives in seasons rather than via drip. Sanko GameCorp distributed points to users at the end of each week based on their activity on Sanko TV. At the end of each season, the portion of a user’s points relative to the total number of points distributed determined their share of the rewards pool. Distributing ARB this way allowed us to ensure that user rewards corresponded with enduring Sanko TV and that rewards would last for the entire duration of the incentive period. The delayed gratification for users in this strategy may not have motivated potential users on the fence of joining Sanko TV until after the ARB allocated for Season 1 was airdropped. Presumably, some of this segment realized the opportunity once this occurred and converted to Sanko TV users.

Overall, we were very satisfied with the results of the STIP program and believe it delivered measurable growth for the project, which has been sustained.

New Plans for STIP Bridge

  1. How much are you requesting for this STIP Bridge proposal?

250K ARB

  1. Do you plan to use the incentives in the same ways* as highlighted in Section 3 of the STIP proposal? [Y/N]


  1. [Only if answered “no” to the previous question] How will the incentive distribution change in terms of mechanisms and products?


  1. Could you provide the addresses involved in the STIP Bridge initiative (multisig to receive funds, contracts for distribution, and any other relevant contract involved), and highlight if they changed compared to the previous STIP proposal?

The STIP Bridge grant would initially be directed to the Sanko DAO Foundation multisig (0x3904F72Cb09CaB3Bd72d691d01cd360437fE164F), which will send the ARB to the Sanko TV multisig (0x233cfCFB0D57C7e44F6836918eB2cFDd0760b6ED) for distribution to Sanko TV users, as in the previous STIP proposal.

The Sanko TV multisig was listed as the address to initially receive the grant in the proposal, but it was changed to the Sanko DAO Foundation multisig in this comment.

  1. Could you share any feedback or suggestions on what could be improved in future incentive programs, what were the pain points and what was your general evaluation of the experience?

Overall, our experience of the STIP incentive program was good – we appreciated the DAO’s flexibility in allowing Sanko to distribute the rewards via the point system. One suggestion would be to equitably distribute grant funding across projects of all sizes – while established projects certainly deserve support, in the initial STIP the largest projects took the lion’s share of the grant to the preclusion of smaller projects that may produce a higher relative impact on Arbitrum’s adoption through programs like this.

In addition, the timeline for disbursement - where every project has to release funds under the same timeline - hinders the flexibility of individual projects in a way that diminishes the effect of the program. More flexibility should be given to projects individually for their disbursement timeline. This would produce greater results.

Hello @SankoGameCorp ,

Thank you for your application! Your advisor will be Castle Capital @CastleCapital @Atomist.

Please join the LTIPP discord and ping your advisor in the general chat so they can create a new channel and start communicating with you.

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Adding some additional context here on the counsel of our advisors:

Sanko aims to continue using seasons to distribute STIP Bridge funds because they make the airdrop much more difficult to game — it also ensures that all users are rewarded appropriately for engaging with Sanko TV over the entire duration of the program. While potential users may not have realized the potential value of Sanko TV points/Seasons until after the first distribution, now that the first two have occurred, there’s tangible evidence of their value and Sanko TV usage has increased.

A significant aspect of Sanko GameCorp’s strategy to retain users and make the platform sustainable long-term is bringing Sanko TV to feature parity with incumbent streaming platforms. Sanko TV devs are constantly working on and pushing new features and we expect to achieve parity within 2024.

As for how the STIP Bridge distribution fits within Sanko’s L3 plans: Sanko TV is going to be a crucial aspect of Sanko Mainnet — it’s the social hub of the Sanko ecosystem and the platform on which Sanko users will stream and interact with Sanko games. Drawing in and retaining more users to Sanko TV will be beneficial for the growth and health of Sanko’s Arbitrum Orbit Chain, and vice versa. The STIP Bridge distribution will be a very useful tool in drawing interest to Sanko at a pivotal time in our roadmap.

We believe distributing the STIP Bridge funds at the culmination of Season 3 is optimal for user equitability and preventing mercenary capital from siphoning funds by artificially pumping volume or TVL in a short period of time. The first two Seasons have ultimately succeeded in helping us bring committed Sanko TV users gradually and organically, which we believe is optimal for the long-term health of the project.

On behalf of the Arbitrum community members who delegated their voting power to us, we’re voting For this proposal.

Sanko GameCorp’s novel multimedia platform achieved strong growth in key usage and revenue metrics during the initial STIP period. Cumulative gift/pass volume grew 253%, streamer earnings increased 655%, and protocol revenue rose 388% from October 2023 to April 2024. While TVL fluctuated, it still ended up 11%.

The strategy of distributing rewards in two seasons based on user activity scores allowed incentives to last the full duration and accrue to the most engaged participants. The noticeable uptick in KPIs following the first airdrop validates this approach.

Sanko is now requesting a reduced 250K ARB for the STIP bridge (vs. 500K before) and will employ the same effective distribution mechanism. This shows an ability to drive continued growth with less capital.

We appreciate Sanko’s thoughtful suggestions around carving out more future funding for high-potential smaller projects and allowing flexible disbursement timelines. This constructive feedback should be considered to optimize the program.

Given Sanko’s impressive STIP results with a differentiated offering, we believe allocating a smaller bridge grant is a smart investment to maintain their momentum in pioneering new multimedia use cases on Arbitrum.

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