"Stylus Sprint" Working Group Call

Stylus Sprint Working Group Call

We are hosting a working group call for the “Stylus Sprint” proposal, a one-year program being created to supercharge the development of Stylus smart contracts launched in tandem with the upgrade. We’re inviting interested parties to join this call and contribute their expertise to bring this pivotal proposal to fruition. The call will be hosted Wednesday, June 19 at 4PM UTC / 12PM EST.

What is Stylus Sprint?

Stylus Sprint aims to allocate a significant sum of ARB to support developers as they explore the capabilities of Stylus. The program will span 8-12 weeks of applications followed by a year of development, focusing on funding teams to cover costs from talent acquisition to infrastructure and audits. It seeks to bootstrap the development of critical infrastructure and innovative applications on Stylus, promoting broad and impactful usage from the starting gate.

  • The program is crafted to accelerate the adoption of the Stylus upgrade by incentivizing app rewrites, migrations, building blocks / infrastructure, and new applications.
  • With substantial funding and support, the initiative aims to attract leading developers from the EVM community and beyond, strengthening Arbitrum’s position in the competitive blockchain space.
  • Funding will be aligned with milestone achievements, allowing for sustained development momentum and nurturing long-term engagements.

Call to Action:

We are calling on developers, innovators, and thinkers to join this working group call. Whether you are an experienced developer in the Arbitrum ecosystem or new to the platform, your input can help shape this initiative.

Join us to help lay the groundwork for a more versatile and dynamic Arbitrum ecosystem. Let’s make the most of the transformative potential of Stylus.

We look forward to your contributions and to seeing you at the call!