Support to Establish GrantsDAOs

Thanks for sharing these details about the GrantDAO initiative – it’s really exciting to see ArbitrumDAO pushing for a more decentralized ecosystem. I’ve got a couple of thoughts and questions, though:

  1. Existing Grant Programs: How are the current programs going to work alongside these new GrantDAOs? It’d be great to get a clearer picture of their roles to avoid any doubling up of efforts and to make sure resources are used in the best way possible.
  2. Organizational Structure: Is there any sort of chart or visual that shows how all these different grant entities fit together within Arbitrum? A quick glance at something like that would really help in understanding how everyone’s connected.
  3. What Changes for Current Grant Distributors?: With these new GrantDAOs coming into play, what’s going to change for the folks already handing out grants? Are they going to be part of this new setup, or will they keep doing their thing separately?