Support to Establish GrantsDAOs

We support this initiative for Arbitrum Grants DAO to have multiple grants program running at the same time to improve the quality of capital allocation and invite more diversity to the type of programs run and the domains they are run for. For any teams looking to propose a grants program, we would love to collaborate with them and identify areas of collaboration to maximise the impact of the grants program. More specifically around grants tooling, proposer sourcing, reporting and analytics and community involvement.


summoning @cattin cause you have some ideas around this. Seems to me the
“GrantsDao” needs are similar to what the Kali platform offers.

It may make sense to push this to LexDAO potentially to run point on this initiative and essentially deliver a white glove version of the Kali offering that fits specifically to the needs of Arbitrum. I may be a little rusty on legal frameworks as I haven’t been on the cutting edge of this stuff for a year, but it seems like potentially a Master:Series relationship may fit this, but idk I’m not a lawyer I just pretend to be one on the internet.


Hi – I’m a representative of Gitcoin and we are excited and encouraged by the GrantsDAO initiative.

Having worked with various grant programs within Arbitrum, we’ve witnessed first-hand the innovation that defines the pioneering spirit of this ecosystem. As our strategies evolve, we’re eager to share our experiences and learnings, especially regarding creating impactful and sustainable community-driven projects.

We’re really excited about the plurality of programs and offerings that multiple grants DAOs could provide. There’s an opportunity to make the overall Arbitrum grants ecosystem 10x its effectiveness by sharing learnings and uniting these different approaches towards a set of shared, community-driven goals. At Gitcoin, we’re working on a similar approach by refining our essential intents and are enthusiastic about the opportunity to exchange ideas and insights with the Arbitrum community in this process.

In addition, fostering healthy relationships and knowledge sharing among the various GrantsDAOs is vital. The web3 space is still in its nascent stages, and a wealth of collective wisdom can be tapped into. By sharing our challenges, successes, and learnings, we can collectively enhance the efficacy and impact of our initiatives.

With this spirit of collaboration and shared growth, we would welcome the opportunity to ideate with this community and key stakeholders on what a more integrated role for Gitcoin within the Arbitrum GrantsDAO ecosystem could entail. We believe that this approach, combined with our experience in managing community-driven funding models, could add value to the GrantsDAOs initiative.

Our team is enthusiastic about the possibilities of this collaboration and is fully committed to bringing this vision to fruition with you. We look forward to discussing this proposal further and refining our approach in collaboration with the Arbitrum community.


Hello, this sounds like a great initiative, I do have the same questions on procedures and deadlines. Is there further information on the one we can refer to?

Also, the smart contracts must be deployed at the time of submitting the proposal?


Hey Sov,

This could be a great opportunity for Gitcoin program’s to take independence from Plurality Labs. Here is how this might work.

The legal funds are available to someone who has a proposal for funding already passed or in the works. Gitcoin could make a proposal to deliver 2 million ARB in grants funding. 1 milion for Arbitrum ecosystem specific rounds. 1 million to support the OSS and Eth Infra rounds. Gitcoin could agree to run this vital rounds on Arbitrum creating sequencer fees.

This would then allow Gitcoin to access the grant funding for alll legal work needed to establish a grant giving DAO that could payout Gitcoin rounds.

There is plenty more to discuss, I’m sure. Hopefully this gets us moving directionally.


I agree totally with this


This is amazing!

This is very very exciting and I think it has never been done before in any DAO. Arbitrum really cares about decentralization on every level!

I feel this is a great move for growing the grant ecosystem in the Arbitrum DAO, we all know that sometimes competition is hidden under “collaboration” and the fact that Arbitrum is aware of the possibility of the grant programs competing sends a very healthy signal to the overall community :smiley:

The fact that some grant programs will compete is actually pozitive sum for Arbitrum DAO and ecosystem as a whole

The structure is indeed very helpful for anyone that wishes to create a GrantDAO. Can’t wait to see how this proposals goes and grows :blue_heart: As a serial granteur I can’t wait :smiley:


I think we can help with that :smiley: @jengajojo

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I’m fully on board with the Grant DAO initiative proposed by the Arbitrum Foundation. It’s a crucial step towards fostering a decentralized funding ecosystem that empowers builders and contributors within the Arbitrum community. The commitment of $250,000 from the Foundation speaks volumes about our dedication to nurturing a diverse and resilient community. Count me in for supporting and actively participating in this initiative.

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