Tally Bi-Weekly Update (12.01.2024)

Thanks for your interest.

We will directly use our STIP to incentivize existing DAOs on Arbitrum to grow and to attract teams to operate their DAOs on Arbitrum. Governance is at the heart of any protocol. Growing DAO-managed assets on Arbitrum leads to protocol growth (the Arbitrum Short Team Incentive Program being a perfect example). We are planning to deploy funds just before the conclusion of the STIP period so DAOs have the most time possible to demonstrate their ability to contribute to Arbitrum before final evaluation.

We are interested in talking to any DAOs launching on Arbitrum before the conclusion of the STIP distribution period (March 29). From there, we evaluate these DAOs against a number of factors—like governance model, community engagement strategies, and financial sustainability—that are aimed at determining each DAO’s potential value contribution to the Arbitrum’s long-term growth and the overall ecosystem.

We are currently in chats with 6 DAOs that we believe will sufficiently prove the robustness of their governance strategies, the effectiveness of their community engagement approaches, and the sustainability of their financial models. Usually, we do not disclose the names of our clients’ DAO launch plans on their behalf. The number of DAOs that actually do by the conclusion of the STIP program may be higher or lower. The allocation of our 200k ARB isn’t uniform but is influenced by the TVL and potential impact of each DAO.

For further details of our DAO selection process, you can dig into our original STIP proposal.