Thales Protocol Arbitrum STIP Summary

STIP Grant Objectives:

Grow usage of Arbitrum deployments of Thales Protocol products with a steady stream of ARB incentives and rebates for active usage and ARB rewards for focused campaigns and competitions. Bootstrap overall increase of key KPI metrics (active users, average volume etc.) across Thales Digital Options, Thales Speed Markets and Thales Sports Markets on Arbitrum.

Reward Mechanisms

  • Biweekly distributions for Thales Digital Options volume drivers (5,000 ARB every two weeks)
  • Biweekly distributions for Thales Speed Markets volume drivers (4,000 ARB every two weeks)
  • Biweekly distributions for Thales Sports Markets volume drivers (12,500 ARB every two weeks)
  • Rebates for negative LP biweekly periods (amounts varied from 0 to 10,000 ARB biweekly)
  • Parlay Competitions (2,500 ARB per week)
  • Focused event promotions, campaigns and competitions with dedicated rewards for volume drivers of specific Sports Events (NFL, Superbowl, NBA, March Madness, Australian Open, Uefa Champions league etc.)

Results and Key Performance Indicators

Evident exponential growth of sustainable activity regarding unique user count and premium volume. All incentives were thoroughly analyzed to make sure there are no inefficiencies and gamification of the system. All incentives were emitted in the hands of organic traders without any riskless “farming”. Kickback rate of rewards was analyzed to be below fee + spread rate for all Thales Protocol products incentivized by ARB rewards.

  • There were 9,766 unique traders participating in Thales Arbitrum products during the STIP program. Average daily unique user count across Thales Protocol on Arbitrum during the entire 4 months is 206, with the final month of March 2024 culminating with >500 unique daily users.

  • Focused Events campaigns had a large impact on inviting new users to the Sports Markets product through interactive and fun isolated reward systems of lucrative ARB rewards for all targeted participants. These types of campaigns were not only impactful for overall growth metrics, but also for marketing and brand awareness. Because they were subsidized with ARB rewards, they were mostly exclusive to Arbitrum network deployments, which brought many new active users exclusively to the Arbitrum network deployments. A shining example is the March Madness campaign, where users could mint a Bracket NFT on Arbitrum to participate in the Bracket Competition while also having secondary rewards for all March Madness volume drivers. This campaign brought in ~ 4,000 unique volume drivers to Thales Sports Markets on Arbitrum and 430 Bracket NFTs minted accumulating approximately 20,000$ prize pool from mint cost.

Below this point you can find weekly Volume and Unique User charts from Thales Protocol Arbitrum deployments, highlighting the launch of STIP Program Incentives.

Through the STIP program, Thales Protocol finally found a strong foothold on the Arbitrum network ecosystem. While previously struggling to kickstart growth on Arbitrum, The STIP program allowed Thales to amass a strong permanent user base and expand its community through efficient and responsible ARB reward distribution. All the data shared above serves as a testament to the success of the STIP program for the Thales Protocol, resulting in exponential growth of organic user activity.