Thetanuts Finance Bi-Weekly Update (15 March 2024)

Recap of the Previous Two Weeks


Thetanuts Finance is now in its 7th week of distributing $ARB rewards as part of our Arbitrum STIP. On Arbitrum, we have grown our TVL from $7mm to $8mm since our last Arbitrum STIP Update.

On Ethereum Mainnet, we recently launched the new Thetanuts Finance Leveraged LRT Strategy Vault – which uses Pendle’s $PT-eETH asset, and allowing users to generate further yields from option premiums. This launch has brought Thetanuts Finance’s TVL across chains to ~$30mm, up from ~$20mm since our last Arbitrum STIP Update.

We intend to bring the Leveraged LRT Strategy Vaults to Arbitrum in a few weeks. With the Proposal to Double-Down on STIP Successes, these Leveraged LRT Strategy Vaults could also see further $ARB incentives allocated to them.

Our Dune query for user interactions on Arbitrum can be found here.

Plan For the Next Two Weeks

ARB Received Last Disbursement: 28,571 $ARB

ARB Utilized as Incentives in the Last Two Weeks: 57,142 $ARB

Contracts incentivized over the last 2 weeks:

  1. $ARB Call - Bi-weekly: 0x0833EC3262Dcc417D88f85Ed5E1EBAf768080f41
  2. $ARB Put - Bi-weekly: 0xf94ea5B18401821BE07FBfF535B8211B061A7F70
  3. $ETH Call - Weekly: 0x1D1CD4abe0F2AF9d79b5e3149BF4A503f97C1EAd
  4. $ETH Put - Weekly: 0x633A789BeD82215b1cEE45C32aCD0D6Ca8b9Bfbf
  5. ARB-C Lending Market: 0xB1D961701be27d26A2E4FA13cb0c4FA7C47DD615
  6. ETH-C Lending Market: 0xF9a82c9Dd095076FCdc7507D6cf920EEfFa93BA2
  7. USDC Lending Market: 0xeb9a387494922d5Ec20631c19D51c39C45AC8643
  8. ARB-C Add Liquidity Module: 0x721Bba1556649e9c70E2dF1EAFC04270376025f7
  9. ARB-P Add Liquidity Module: 0x85ceD6055f0eC21dE0e4216177115cbc6a930ACa
  10. ETH-C Add Liquidity Module: 0x078F98Be8A1bb1bD64799B8F05Aca08f5850A69D
  11. ETH-P Add Liquidity Module: 0xE84CB9daF67644734051c7f6e978968f04F6751e

Contract address label [Form 18] (ARB STIP Transparency) completed for all addresses: Yes

ARB claimed: 200,000 $ARB claimed

ARB left over: 0 $ARB to claim

Plan for leftover ARB:

We intend to distribute the 200,000 $ARB equally over a period of 8 weeks. The first tranche was claimable on 5 February, with the final tranche to be distributed by the week of 29 March – in line with Arbitrum Foundation’s guidance on when the $ARB incentives should be distributed by.

Summary of incentives:

25,000 $ARB distributed on a weekly basis for 8 weeks, split between:

  1. Users on Add Liquidity Module: 85%
  2. Users with Long Positions: 10%
  3. Users with Short Positions and Boosted: 5%

Weights are subject to change at the discretion of Thetanuts Finance.

Additional Info / Disclosures to Multisig: n.a.


7D Average daily TVL: $7,965,473

7D Average daily transactions: 566

7D Average daily trading volume: $36,596

Number of unique user addresses (Since Inception): 47,662

7D Avg Transaction fees: $6

Link to Dashboard showing metrics: