Thetanuts Finance Bi-Weekly Update (2 February 2024)

Recap of the Previous Two Weeks

On January 29, we began to distribute $ARB rewards for users of Thetanuts Finance v3. $ARB rewards will be distributed on a weekly basis, with allocations determined based on time-weighted TVL for a particular week.

A snapshot of time-weighted TVL will be taken on Friday 9am UTC, with users being able to claim their $ARB rewards for the week on the new “Rewards” page every following Monday.

Moving forward, we will closely monitor user behaviour over time and adjust distributions to ensure all three components of Thetanuits Finance v3 have sufficient liquidity.

Thetanuts Finance has also been selected by Layer3 to participate in their Arbitrum STIP quest campaign in the coming weeks. The first quest will begin on 5 February.

Plan For the Next Two Weeks

ARB Received Last Disbursement: 28,571 $ARB

ARB Utilized as Incentives in the Last Two Weeks: n.a.

Contracts incentivized over the last 2 weeks: n.a.

Contract address label [Form 18] (ARB STIP Transparency) completed for all addresses: Yes

ARB claimed: 114,284 $ARB claimed

ARB left over: 85,716 $ARB to claim

Plan for leftover ARB:

We intend to distribute the 200,000 $ARB equally over a period of 8 weeks. The first tranche will be claimable on 5 February, with the final tranche to be distributed by the week of 1 April – in line with Arbitrum Foundation’s guidance on when the $ARB incentives should be distributed by.

Summary of incentives:

25,000 $ARB distributed on a weekly basis for 8 weeks between:

  1. Users on Add Liquidity Module: 85%
  2. Users with Long Positions:10%
  3. Users with Short Positions and Boosted : 5%

Weights are subject to change at the discretion of Thetanuts Finance.

Additional Info / Disclosures to Multisig: n.a.


7D Average daily TVL: $3,228,631

7D Average daily transactions: 786

7D Average daily trading volumes: $1,255,373

Number of unique user addresses (Since Inception): 43,907

7D Avg Transaction fees: $28

Link to Dashboard showing metrics:

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