Timeline Extension for STIP and Backfund Grantees

Hi Fam,
This is a great place to update on the success of the rewards. At present we were able to garner $1.5M TVL in last two weeks since our rewards went live. Our rewards stream got started (February 7th 2024) & we ensured the rewards were not wasted due to a hurried distribution. We started the distribution on 12th March 2024 and in line with the spirit of the rewards program (the idea was to give protocols around 16 weeks to distribute the rewards (Timeline Extension for STIP and Backfund Grantees) we intend to finish accordingly (few weeks ahead than the march end deadline) . We also look forward to use the rewards on PCS whose gauges goes live on March 29th and present us great opportunity to work with one of the OGs protocol and help onboard some fresh liquidity. We again thank the arb foundation for passing the proposal to include us in the STIP.