Tradingview-Alert-Connector GMX v2 Micro-Grant Bi-Weekly Update (Final Report)

This update will mark the final bi-weekly update for the GMX v2 Tradingview-Alert-Connector Integration Grant as all named milestones have been achieved:

Same post on GMX forum too.

Milestone1: Implement/integrate GMX v2 in Tradingview-Alert-Connector tool.

Milestone2: Maintaining the tool, creating tutorial doc/video, and customer support
updated doc: Overview - Tradingview Alert Connector
Tutorial video:


  • It was a great opportunity to collaborate with community and grant committee members. Some early users have already tested the tool and given valuable feedback, and I keep improving the tool.

  • Regarding implementation, I had to spend more time than I thought.
    It’s mainly due to SDK is not provided yet(on the contrary, dYdX and Perpetual Protocol provide SDK), and we need to call smart contract directly and fill many parameters correctly to send order on our end.

But, GMX v2 frontend app is open sourced, It’s very helpful for me to implement logic.

User Metrics
created this Dune Dashboard to track monthly user/trading volume.

Unfortunately, it’s not so many users at the moment, but I expect volumes are grow gradually over time, because I’ve seen this pattern in other exchanges(dYdX, Perpetual Protocol)