12 Mar 2024 - Open Discussion of Proposals Governance Call

Hey everyone,

Thanks for dialing in to the first ever Open Discussion of Proposals Governance Call. The purpose behind this series of governance calls is to have a dedicated space for delegates and DAO contributors to discuss their thoughts and potential voting rationales behind proposals and notable discussions in the pipeline.

Recording link: Open Discussion of Proposal(s) - Bi-weekly Governance Call (2024-03-12 23:04 GMT+8) - Google Drive


Proposals Discussed

  1. Proposal to fund Plurality Labs Milestone 1B(ridge) (Onchain AIP) - @DisruptionJoe

  2. Request for Continuation of the Questbook Arbitrum DDA Program Request (Temp Check) - @Srijith-Questbook

Notable Forum Posts Discussed

  1. Double-Down on STIP Successes (STIP-Bridge) - @dk3 , @coinflip

  2. Delegate to a public access, public good retail enfranchisement pool through Event Horizon - @EventHorizonDAO


  1. Security Council Elections - Key considerations for Delegates (Security Council Members: Duties and Principles)

  2. ETHBucharest package - @ZER8

If there are any outstanding questions and/or feedback on the items discussed, please post them directly in the respective forum posts for authors to address.

For future sessions, perhaps authors of proposals could share tl;dr’s on the post for the DAO to review and prepare questions, so the time during the session can be focused on delegates and DAO contributors to ask questions and provide feedback. At the same time, we welcome any feedback on how we can make this session more productive.

Thank you!


thnx @cliffton.eth I’ll check it out :saluting_face: