About the STEP Applications category

Posting on behalf of the Treasury Working Group @thedevanshmehta -

About the STEP Applications category

This category is meant to be the one stop shop for asking questions, receiving updates and making applications under the Stable Treasury Endowment Program, diversifying 35 million ARB from the treasury into stable, liquid and yield bearing assets.

Why should people use this category? What is it for?

Service providers can post their applications here
Program managers can apply for the position and once selected, make updates to the community
ArbitrumDAO delegates can raise questions and inquire into what is happening with the program

How exactly is this different than the other categories we already have?

This category explicitly pertains to the recently passed proposal on Tally for Arbitrum to grow the RWA ecosystem by being a customer of good products built or proposed to be built on our chain. In the future, other diversification proposals can also use this space on the forum

What should topics in this category generally contain?

Topics should include but not be limited to

  • Questions about the program
  • Applications from service providers
  • Updates from the program manager or committee members involved in selection of service providers

Do we need this category? Can we merge with another category, or subcategory?

This is the first diversification proposal before the DAO, which we think needs its own space separate from liquidity incentives or grant programs.