Arbitrum DAO News: Security Council Member Election, STIP Bridge and Arbitrum Fellowships, April 18th

The Arbitrum Security Council elections continue, along with proposals to analyze, vote on, and new initiatives aimed at bringing more contributors to the Arbitrum DAO and continuing to expand the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Let’s dive into this week’s Arbitrum DAO news :rocket:

:eyes: TL;DR - Snapshot of the Week

  • Security Council Election Updates
  • GovHack and Arbitrum LATAM Reports
  • Introducing Arbitrum Fellowships
  • Onboarding to the Arbitrum DAO
  • Double-Down on STIP Successes
  • Arbitrum Ventures Initiative (AVI)
  • Voting Reminders
  • Governance Calls
  • DAO Resources

:blue_heart::orange_heart: Ecosystem News

Security Council Elections

ArbitrumDAO is currently in the process of electing 6 new members for the March 2024 Cohort of the Security Council from a pool of 22 qualified candidates.

This final voting phase will last for 21 days, during which delegates can vote for nominees who have passed compliance checks.

I'm a delegate, what do I need to do

GovHack ETHDenver 2024 - Impact Report

GovHack ETHDenver 2024, organized by Hack Humanity and ArbitrumDAO, was a significant event designed to promote innovation within the Arbitrum ecosystem. Held over three days, the event included a Governance Bootcamp and an Open Community showcase, drawing over 200 participants.

A report with the results has been published, and you can view all the details here.

Arbitrum LATAM - Impact Report

The initial phase of the Arbitrum LATAM project has successfully laid a strong foundation aimed at enhancing community engagement, education, and growth within the Latin American blockchain ecosystem.

The March results report has been published, and you can view all the details here.

:wink: DAO News

LTIPP Updates

  • Congratulations to all the protocols that passed the LTIPP Council Recommended snapshot votes! The LTIPP Team will contact you shortly to proceed with the compliance stage.
  • Protocols not recommended by the council can update and move their applications to Snapshot. All the details can be reviewed here.
  • After the LTIPP concludes, a new Long-term Incentives Program will be developed, incorporating lessons learned, with full implementation expected by July.

Introducing Arbitrum Fellowships

The Onboarding Working Group initiative, launched at the end of March, has successfully compiled a list of potential contributors to the DAO. The goal is to explore streamlined methods to transition from discussion to action within the DAO promptly.

Inspired by structures observed in other DAOs and creatively borrowing nomenclature from “Lord of the Rings,” the initiative introduces Arbitrum Fellowships. These fellowships are collaborative groups, united by their pursuit to fulfill specific needs of the DAO such as incentives, game development, or community growth.

The purpose of each fellowship is to brainstorm, discuss, research, and develop a plan to address the DAO’s needs effectively.

All contributors who are part of the onboarding working group will be contacted in the coming days to begin their fellowship group.

Arbitrum DAO Onboarding for new contributors

Over 50 new individuals interested in contributing to ArbitrumDAO have attended the welcome calls in the first weeks of the onboarding group’s execution. In the coming weeks, they will receive participation instructions tailored to their profiles and skills.

If you’re interested in participating, the meetings occur every Monday at 1 pm UTC and Thursday at 11 pm UTC.

I'm interested in becoming an Arbitrum DAO member or contributor

Please make sure to add the Arbitrum DAO Calendar for the full schedule and the most accurate times.

I'm looking for new contributors for my Arbitrum DAO projects or working group

A list of contributors with different backgrounds and interests in the DAO will be created. If you’re a member of a working group in the DAO, interested in recruiting new members or contributors for your initiatives, or involved in creating a new proposal, etc., feel free to reach out on TG at @ArbitrumDAOOnboarding so we can connect you directly with interested contributors.

You can find more details about this working group in the Arbitrum Forum.

STEP Applications

The Arbitrum Stable Treasury Endowment Program (STEP) has successfully transitioned to the application phase after refining its proposal, aiming to diversify 35 million ARB into stable, liquid, and yield-earning assets.

Service providers interested in participating in STEP must submit their applications by May 1st.

You can check here for more details on the application process and to submit proposals.

Double-Down on STIP Successes (STIP-Bridge)

The STIP Bridge is a strategic initiative within the LTIPP program designed to support key protocols in the Arbitrum ecosystem, providing a bridge to the forthcoming Perpetual Incentives Program. It aims to sustain Arbitrum’s market position by offering timely incentives to essential projects, ensuring their continued commitment and engagement in a competitive Layer 2 landscape.

An STIP FAQ has been created to provide information on the next stages of the program.

:bookmark_tabs: Some Governance Discussions:

AIP: BOLD - permissionless validation for Arbitrum

Stylus represents a strategic enhancement to the Arbitrum ecosystem by supporting additional programming languages, which can potentially lead to innovation and diverse application development.


This upgrade is expected to reduce execution costs significantly while improving the safety and security of smart contracts. Furthermore, ensuring interoperability between different programming paradigms within the same ecosystem will facilitate smoother transitions and integrations for developers.

  • Completing an audit of the Stylus code and making necessary changes based on the audit findings.
  • Conducting a snapshot vote to enable Stylus on the Arbitrum Sepolia test network.
  • Integrating the Stylus branch into the canonical Nitro codebase following successful tests and community feedback.
  • Launching Stylus on a public testnet to emulate real-world conditions and gather extensive user feedback.
  • Following successful testing, an on-chain vote will be organized to officially deploy Stylus upgrades on Arbitrum One and Nova.

(RFC) Proposal: [Non-Constitutional]: Establishment of Arbitrum Ventures Initiative (AVI)

The Arbitrum Ventures Initiative (AVI) is designed to accelerate growth in the Arbitrum ecosystem through strategic large-scale investments, expanding beyond traditional grants to include a variety of financial instruments such as venture capital and revenue-sharing.


AVI addresses the need for larger, strategic investments to maintain Arbitrum’s competitive edge in the L2 market. By leveraging a “fund in a box” model, AVI will streamline investment processes, reduce operational costs, and attract additional capital, enhancing the ecosystem’s sustainability and innovation capacity.


The initiative will be rolled out in two phases:

  1. Formation of a research group to explore investment opportunities and establish necessary legal and operational structures.
  2. Structuring of the investment fund and management team setup, pending separate approval.
Projects asks

Initial funding request for setting up legal, strategic, and governance frameworks, including:

  • 50k ARB for achieving the first milestone of operational setup within 1-2 months.
  • 150k ARB plus anticipated costs for advancing to the second milestone, covering legal and operational expenses.
  • Community approval to proceed with subsequent funding phases as milestones are achieved.

Ask: 200k ARB.

Proposal [Non-Constitutional]: Funding DAO Legal Defence and Advocacy with Defi Education Fund

This proposal seeks to fund the DeFi Education Fund 2 (DEF) with 1M ARB to support their mission in advocating for decentralized finance developers and users.


DEF is vital for defending DAOs and DeFi in legal and regulatory spaces, especially in the current climate of heightened legislative and regulatory interest in DeFi following the FTX collapse and the bull market’s return.


The proposal outlines a two-phase funding plan: an initial 500,000 ARB transfer followed by another 500,000 ARB six months later, contingent on DEF’s regular updates and continued advocacy focus on DeFi and DAOs.

Ask: : $1M ARB

:ballot_box: Voting Reminders

Active Proposals Live for Voting

The following proposals are available for voting, and we encourage all delegates to analyze and exercise their right to vote.

Request for Continuation of the Arbitrum DDA Program Request (On-Chain)

The Arbitrum Grants Program, facilitated through a Delegated Domain Allocation (DDA) model by Questbook, has seen significant engagement, with $912k allocated to over 60 proposals from an initial budget, demonstrating a high level of community and builder participation.

Given the positive feedback and the substantial number of quality proposals received, a new grant initiative is proposed.

This new phase will allocate $4 million across four domains in the next two quarters, aiming to sustain and expand the support for innovative projects within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Ask: $4M USD in ARB.
Deadline to vote Saturday, Apr 20, 2024.

Link to vote

Delegate to Voter Enfranchisement Pool — Event Horizon (Snapshot)

Stemming from GovHack, this proposal seeks to increase participation in the DAO by empowering 10 DAO-approved, underrepresented delegates, with an additional 1M delegated ARB, each.

Ask: 10M ARB.
Deadline to vote Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024.

Link to vote

Subsidy Fund for Security Services (Snapshot)

The ADPC has proposed a subsidy fund ($10M USD in ARB) to support up to 50 projects in the Arbitrum ecosystem by covering the costs of security audits from pre-approved service providers.

Ask: $10M USD in ARB.
Deadline to vote Wednesday, Apr 24, 2024.

Link to vote

Safeguarding Software Developers’ Rights & the Right to Privacy (Snapshot)

This proposal advocates for a contribution to Coin Center to support its efforts in defending software developers’ rights and privacy.

Ask: Amounts varying from $1.5 million to $2.5 million ARB.
Deadline to vote Wednesday, Apr 24, 2024.

Link to vote

Double-Down on STIP Successes (STIP-Bridge) (On-Chain)

The STIP Bridge is a strategic initiative within the LTIPP program designed to support key protocols in the Arbitrum ecosystem, providing a bridge to the forthcoming Perpetual Incentives Program. It aims to sustain Arbitrum’s market position by offering timely incentives to essential projects, ensuring their continued commitment and engagement in a competitive Layer 2 landscape.

Ask: 37.6M ARB.
Deadline to vote Friday, May 3, 2024.

Link to vote

No longer Active Proposals for Voting

The following proposals have concluded, and we invite delegates to stay tuned for their development within the Arbitrum DAO. The approval of a proposal is just the beginning, not the end.

:iphone: Governance Calls

:soon: Upcoming Calls:

  • ADPC Call
  • AVI Working Group Call
  • ARDC Public Meeting
  • Arbitrum DAO Onboarding
  • Delegate Workshop on Ecosystem Goals
  • Open Discussion of Proposal(s) - Bi-weekly Governance Call

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I owe everyone here an apology. It looks like I had made a copy/paste error, while moving the text from the Google Doc to the forum, where I had removed most of the text in the total cost section.

The correct budget we are looking for is 1.8m ARB to sustain the initiative for 12-18 months. However the desired timeline is much shorter. The intention is to sprint ahead and setup the fund, return unused funds to the DAO or roll them in into the new structure after the respective vote.

A more detailed cost breakdown will be released before moving towards snapshot, pending the collection of some inputs we are still working towards.

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