AI Delegation on Arbitrum DAO

We are excited to announce that Blockful is bringing its AI Delegate project to the Arbitrum DAO!

You can propose your own “Bias Prompts” for our delegates on JokeRace!

Our Voting Agents, created during the ETH Samba hackathon back in March, won 3 prizes with our first implementation. Recently, they successfully voted on-chain for ENS DAO, following their biases based on the DAO constitution and providing reasoning for each proposal.

How AI Delegates Work

AI Delegates are autonomous agents programmed with specific “bias prompts” that guide their voting decisions. These prompts, along with a DAO Dataset composed of the DAO constitution and other governance artifacts, enable the AI to vote “Yes,” “No,” or “Abstain” on proposals and provide reasoning based on the predefined biases. This system ensures consistent, transparent, and unbiased voting behavior.


We’ll start with 5 AI Delegates:

  • 3 Delegates: Biases created by a JokeRace contest where ARB holders can vote.
  • 2 Delegates: Focused on Public Goods Funding and DAO Longevity, created by Blockful.

Upcoming Proposal

We are participating in the Arbitrum Gov Hack at ETH CC and will submit a proposal requesting the DAO to delegate 1M ARB to each agent to strengthen this experiment.

JokeRace Contest Details

Submissions are open until Jul 7th 8am CEST
Voting open when submissions close and go until Jul 8th 4:30pm

A new contest will be created once the delegation proposal has been discussed and voted on.

How to Participate

  1. Propose Biases: Submit your bias proposals for the AI Delegates within the submission window.
  2. Vote: ARB holders can vote on the proposed biases during the voting period.

Join us in shaping the future of AI governance in the Arbitrum DAO. Your participation is crucial in making this experiment a success!

Let’s innovate together!o

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Continuing the discussion from AI Delegation on Arbitrum DAO:

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Happy to discuss the project a bit. Any feedbacks?

We will post the proposal soon, happy to link it to you!

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