Arbitrum DAO News: Governance, Grants and Delegates Incentive Program, March 6th 🗳️

After intense days at EthDenver, activities and proposals return to the DAO, and we are ready to begin, as there is much to analyze and learn this week.

Let’s dive into the Arbitrum DAO Updates! :fire:

:eyes: TL;DR - Snapshot of the Week

  • ARDC Elections
  • Delegate Incentive Program March
  • +170 LTIPP Protocol Applications
  • Fix Fee Oversight ArbOS v20 “Atlas”
  • Open Governance Call is about to happen
  • Proposal to fund Plurality Labs Milestone 1B(ridge)
  • Upcoming DAO Calls and Events
  • Active Proposals Live for Voting
  • Notable Forum Discussions

:jigsaw:Arbitrum Ecosystem

:joystick: Arbitrum Arcade (Onchain Gameathon)

An Onchain Gameathon designed to showcase Web3’s most innovative gaming experiences, provide exposure and prizes to up-and-coming content creators, and bring in-game achievements onchain

Arbitrum Arcade will kick off on March 11th through the Arbitrum Portal.

Read about this initiative here.

:newspaper: Governance News

:ballot_box:ARDC Elections

The Arbitrum Research & Development Collective elections are currently available on snapshot, and new members are soon to be elected to continue operating and enhancing some of the DAO processes.

Risk Member, DAO advocate, Security Member, and Research Member are the categories available to choose future members.

You can review the applications here.

:bank: Delegate Incentive Program: Snapshot March

After extensive preparations, the delegate incentive program is finally running. The March snapshot has been captured, and delegates are poised to be compensated based on their level of engagement and participation in the coming weeks.

Check out the list of delegates participants here.

:dollar: Grants News

:moneybag: More than 150 applications in the LTIPP

The pilot program has been running and has received over 150 applications at the moment through the Arbitrum DAO forum, with protocols across the ecosystem looking to further build with Arbitrum.

Final edits must be completed by March 17th, 2024, at 11:59 PM EST.

Check out FAQs here.

:money_with_wings:Questbook DDA Program Request for Continuation

Based on the impact and insights from the Arbitrum DDA program, the proposal is to renew the program with a budget of $4 million for two quarters. The domain allocators will use this budget to fund proposals that align with Arbitrum’s roadmap and the same domain allocations as before, such as New Protocol Ideas, Gaming, Dev Tooling and Education, Growth, Community, and Events.

Check out the discussion here.

:saluting_face: Round 8 of “Our Biggest Minigrants Yet” is live!

This week, the ArbitrumDAO will be granting 2,500 ARB to each of the top four projects, totaling 10,000 ARB distributed in this round.

If you are developing in the ‘The Next Frontier of NFTs’ category, we encourage you to submit your application.

:woman_judge:t2: Some Governance Discussions:

[Proposal] Fix Fee Oversight ArbOS v20 “Atlas”


This proposal addresses an oversight in the ArbOS Version 20 “Atlas” upgrade related to transaction fees on the Arbitrum network. It suggests reducing the L1 surplus fee per byte from 32 gwei to 0 and the L2 base fee from 0.1 gwei to 0.01 gwei to better align with the upcoming Dencun upgrade on Ethereum and the configurations implemented in Arbitrum Nova.

The changes aim to lower fees for users and potentially increase transaction throughput, although they would reduce the short-term revenue for the ArbitrumDAO. The proposal seeks a temperature check and ultimately a vote from the ArbitrumDAO, with the Security Council executing the changes if approved.


A temp check voting is about to happen and available in snapshot.

:ballot_box:Voting Reminders

Active Proposals Live for Voting

The following proposals are available for voting, and we encourage all delegates to analyze and exercise their right to vote.

:date: Governance Calls

Upcoming Calls:

  • Arbitrum Open Governance CallAgenda here
  • Fix Fee Oversight ArbOS v20 “Atlas”
  • Arbitrum KPI Working Group
  • Open Arbitrum Delegates Emergent Workshop

You can subscribe and add the Arbitrum governance calls to your calendar here.

:globe_with_meridians: Arbitrum DAO Resources

To stay connected and informed, here are some valuable resources:

:saluting_face: Stay Connected, Stay Informed

Every week, we analyze new proposals, summarize the state of the Arbitrum DAO, and provide you with the tools to contribute and increase your impact in the Arbitrum ecosystem.

We would love to hear your feedback as we continue to provide more Arbitrum DAO news each week.

Until the next edition, happy governing! :blue_heart::orange_heart:

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