Announcing the Launch of the Reclaim <> Arbitrum Grant Program!

We are excited to announce the launch of the Reclaim <> Arbitrum Grant Program, designed to foster innovation and drive progress within the Reclaim ecosystem!

What is Reclaim Protocol?

Reclaim Protocol (YC W21) uses https session keys to generate zkproofs of users’ profile information. It creates digital signatures, known as zk proof, of users’ identity and reputation on any website. These digital signatures are computed completely on the client side. This implies that it is private and secure. When a user shares this proof with any app, one can be certain that its authenticity and integrity haven’t been compromised.

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SDK Docs -
Developer Portal - Reclaim Developer Portal
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Is my proposal in-scope for this domain?

This grants program seeks proposals from Dapp developers who are looking to leverage Reclaim uniquely into their Dapps on top of Arbitrum. New/existing Dapps that take advantage of Reclaim to come up innovative use cases or to supercharge their growth on top of Arbitrum will be prioritized.

Example of a Dapp that uniquely leverage Reclaim Protocol

CSFloat -
CSFloat is a Counterstrike skin/item trading platform. They use Reclaim to prove ownership of Counter Strike items on Steam profiles ( very cool )

Other usecases to explore - Usecases to build using Reclaim | Reclaim Protocol Official Blog

Understanding the Cap

The cap for our grant program is set at $10,000. This cap ensures that many innovative projects can receive support, allowing for broader and more effective resource distribution. By limiting funding to $10,000 per proposal, we encourage impactful and well-defined submissions, promoting a diverse range of initiatives and fostering a collaborative and inclusive development environment within the Reclaim ecosystem.

Request for Grants

We are actively seeking innovative proposals and if you do want to view specific requests for grants and detailed guidelines, please visit Reclaim Protocol RFPs | Reclaim Protocol Official Blog

We’re committed to fostering an inclusive and transparent environment where all contributors have the opportunity to thrive. Whether you’re a seasoned developer, a budding entrepreneur, or simply passionate about the future of decentralized technology, we encourage you to apply to our grants program!

To learn more about the program visit Arbitrum Gaming Domain Request for Proposals - Google Docs and to submit your proposal go visit