Oasis Onchain Quick Grants

Hello Arbitrum!

We wanted to introduce the Oasis Onchain Quick Grants Program, in collaboration with Thank Arb.

Program Description:
The Oasis Quick Grants Program is the first active phase of the Oasis Onchain Ecosystem Fund - a program dedicated to nurturing the crypto ecosystem in the Caribbean and the Global South as a whole, while pushing to ensure that relevant solutions are accessible for Global South populations.

We are excited to establish this grants program via the Arbitrum DAO and the THANK ARB program, as they have been spearheading novel funding mechanisms that will establish Arbitrum as the leading L2 globally.

Our strategic goals are aligned with the needs of the Arbitrum DAO:

  1. Position Arbitrum as the L2 of choice for builders in the Caribbean and Global South
  2. Accelerate new verticals of consumer crypto products built on Arbitrum for the Caribbean and other underserved emerging markets
  3. Launch new RWAs native and relevant to emerging market users on Arbitrum
  4. Educate developers and dapp founders native to the Caribbean on how to build on Arbitrum with Orbit + Stylus
  5. Help consumer crypto teams launching in the Caribbean and Global South onboard new users with highly targeted marketing
  6. Onboard more delegates from the Global South to Arbitrum governance

Program Details

The Oasis Quick Grants Program is structured around a Bounty or Request for Proposals (RFP) format designed to foster innovation and rapid development in the Caribbean. We are looking to fund 15 projects, each of which can receive a one-off payment ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 ARB.

The program is an excellent opportunity for those looking to bring their ideas to life quickly and efficiently, with financial support to boost their project’s impact. Our goal with this program is to spearhead the rapid proliferation of Abitrum’s tech, community, and governance throughout the Global South and establish Ambassador strongholds in the region.

Goals of Quick grants:

  1. Accessible funding for Global South builders building on top of Arbitrum
  2. The rapid expansion of Arbitrum contributors + governance delegates in the Global South The rapid expansion of educational content pertaining to Orbit + Stylus

Expected use cases:

  • Minimal bootstrapping for projects at the start of their journey (proactive funding).
  • Retroactive funding by request or discretion to support individuals going above and beyond in the ecosystem. Some examples might be:
    • Community management + Ambassadorship
    • Open-source code contributors
    • Governance management
    • Educational content
    • One-off workshops

Pool size: 75,000 ARB

Application Process + Methodology

Oasis Quick Grants will be proactive funding for grantees.

We will open up a Quick Grants portal on Charmverse and add in relevant RFPs for Global South consumer crypto. During the application period, we will conduct 1-2 education workshops on the Arbitrum ecosystem and help grantees understand how to structure their grant proposal for maximum success.

We will give applicants 2 weeks to submit their proposals with a strict deadline for the first milestone set at 4-6 weeks from the initiation of each project. Weekly office hours will also be held within these two weeks for feedback and guidance.

Applicants can draft a proposal on Charmverse via a proposal template. The relevant program manager will review their application and provide feedback/approval in 3-5 business days. This streamlined funding approach aims to enable swift project completion.

(Importantly, participants will appreciate the ease of application as no KYC verification is required for this category for grants less than 2K USD; for grants greater than 2K USD, applicants will go through the Arbitrum KYC process and then will be disbursed funds once approved. In regards to all approved applicants, THANK ARB committee will be disbursing the funds.)

Given that this is only a 2 month grant program, we will be conducting biweekly check ins and requiring biweekly updates from grantees on Charmverse during the grant process. This will be an automated reminder in TG and via email.

By Aug 15, we will ensure Applicants submit their 1st milestone, and we will submit a formal report of findings and feedback to the THANK ARB committee for evaluation by Aug 25.

The program will be managed by the 4 founding team members, who each have specialties on multiple fronts

  1. Stefen Deleveaux - Partnerships and Outreach
  2. Marvelgirl.eth - Consumer Crypto Strategy and Grant Support
  3. Estefania Ochoa - Marketing and Ecosystem Development
  4. Amira Gariba - Operations and Process Optimization

We will, of course, be providing regular updates via the forum.
Many thanks to Thank Arb for making this possible!