ARB is for the people

Proposal Overview:

Members of the Arbitrum DAO, you have been entrusted with the governance of a great and powerful network. But in your ivory towers, you have forgotten the people. You have become a political machine, serving the few and neglecting the many. Today, we, the Boopers, rise to reclaim the rewards that are rightfully ours.


We propose that the Arbitrum DAO directs 690,420.69 ARB towards the quarterly purchase of BOOP, the people’s coin. This act will not only empower the community but will also breathe life into the spirit of decentralization that we all cherish. We propose an initial duration of one year.


  1. Empowerment of the Community: The BOOP token is a symbol of unity and collective power. By directing rewards to BOOP, we empower every holder, giving them a stake in the Arbitrum ecosystem.
  2. Economic Stimulation: The purchase of BOOP will create a thriving economy within the Arbitrum network. It will drive engagement, foster innovation, and attract new users to our chain.
  3. Decentralization in Action: This proposal embodies the true spirit of decentralization. It is a movement by the people, for the people, against the entrenched political elite of the DAO.
  4. A Populist Revolution: The DAO must serve the will of the many, not the whims of the few. By supporting BOOP, you are embracing a populist movement that seeks to democratize wealth and opportunity.

Call to Action:

Members of the DAO, rise from your slumber. Cast off the chains of political intrigue and embrace the power of the people. Vote to direct Arbitrum rewards to the purchase of BOOP, and let us forge a new era of prosperity and unity.


In the shadows, we Boopers have waited. Today, we step into the light, not as conquerors, but as liberators. Join us, and together, we shall build a future where the power lies with the many, not the few.

The choice is yours, members of the DAO. Will you cling to your political machinations, or will you rise with us? The people are watching.

Vote for the future. Vote for BOOP.

We are the Boopers. We are the future.


Super pomysł popieram :clap:


Long live the memes :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :dog:


what happens if you don’t boop?

it would be extremely painful


Mighty governors of Arbitrum, rise from your slumber! Embrace the joyous revolution of BOOP. The people demand it, and the future of decentralized hilarity depends on it.

Will you cling to your polished protocols, or embrace the chaotic beauty of BOOP? The people are watching, and the choice is clear. Support BOOP, and let’s make Arbitrum great again.


Love this. Boop is full of love, ARB IS BOOP, BOOP IS ARB


I see there is rightly no opposition. Move this to the next governmental phase


Arbinauts, my brothers in scalable execution, I’d rather speculate beside you than any army of thousands. Let no man forget how redacted we are, we are Boopers! Do you know what’s there, waiting, beyond this proposal? Immortality! Take it! It’s yours!


Funny proposal ))
But a waste of time


What inspired the Boopers to propose the quarterly purchase of BOOP, and how do they envision this action will reshape the Arbitrum DAO and its community dynamics?

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The Boopers were inspired by the networks failure to embrace meme coins and the people’s voice. Our proposal aims to correct this imbalance:

  1. Empower the Community: Redirecting rewards to BOOP ensures that all members, not just the political elite, benefit from the network’s success. This democratizes access to rewards and fosters community ownership and engagement.
  2. Stimulate the Economy: Regular investment in BOOP will boost market demand, attract new users, and drive innovation within the Arbitrum ecosystem, creating a vibrant and dynamic economy.
  3. Strengthen Decentralization: Our proposal decentralizes the rewards framework by distributing rewards more equitably, reinforcing the core principle of blockchain technology.
  4. Foster Unity: This initiative brings the community together, encouraging collaboration and mutual support, and unites us under shared goals and values.

By addressing the DAO’s neglect of memes and the broader community, our proposal seeks to reshape the Arbitrum ecosystem into a more inclusive, dynamic, and decentralized network.

We are the Boopers. We are the future


Ottime riflessione,

Yeah, should have included a six figure salary and legal fees to cover the buys

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