Arbitrum DAO Grants Domain Allocator Nominations

The domain allocation nomination process is now complete. Thank you for everyone who participated in the voting process, for all the nominees for their applications and the foundation for help running the process so smoothly. As next steps, we will be working with the domain allocators for creating domain specific RFPs and launch the grants program by the end of next week.

Here is a brief rundown again for what the program will look like:

The Domain Delegated Arbitrum Grants Program on Questbook will be run by Questbook, and led by @Srijith-Questbook , who will be the program manager. This is a community-run program. Grants are spread across four domains, each led by a Domain Allocator(DA). The domains and the respective DAs are:`

  1. Developer Tooling on Nova by @Juandi
  2. Gaming by @Flook
  3. Education, Community Growth and Events by @cattin
  4. New Protocol Ideas by @JoJo

The below response reflects the views of L2BEAT’s governance team, composed of @krst and @Sinkas, and it’s based on the combined research, fact-checking and ideation of the two.

First off, we’d like to thank all participating nominees for putting in the time and effort to create outstanding nominations which genuinely made it difficult for us to decide on one for each domain. We hope to see you contributing to the Arbitrum ecosystem in different capacities.

We’d also like to not only congratulate the elected domain allocators (@flook @juandi @jojo @cattin), but to also invite them as well as the program manager (@Sinjin) to the next Governance Call on Wednesday 20/9 at 4pm UTC / 12pm EST for them to give us an update on their next steps now that they’re elected.



The domain allocators have drafted RFPs and acceptance criteria for each domain.

Thanks to:

@Juandi for dev Tooling on Nova and Arb - Arbitrum RFP Template - Developer Tooling - Google Docs

@Flook for gaming- Arbitrum Gaming Domain Request for Proposals - Google Docs

@JoJo for New protocol Ideas- Arbitrum RFP Templates - New protocols and ideas - Google Docs

@cattin for Education, Community, Growth and Events- [DRAF] [RFP] Arbitrum Grant Program Education, Community Growth and Events - Google Docs

We request all the community members to share their feedback.


Thank you for everyone’s valuable feedback. We will be closing the RFPs by tonight and start the grants program within the week!


Hey everyone,

The Arbitrum Grants program via Questbook is now live!

You can check our launch announcement here -

We would love your support to amplify and enhance the reach! Thank you so much for your help and guidance and feedback throughout!

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Good luck olive! It would be granted soon ! Keep up the good work.

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Hi Everyone,

I’m sharing an update for the Arbitrum Grants program Arbitrum Grants Program administered through Delegated Domain Allocation was launched on 5th October, 2023 and I am pleased to share the following updates with the Arbitrum community regarding the status of each proposal:

Program Overview:

  • Total Proposals: 67
  • Total Proposals approved: 7
  • Proposals by domain
  • Approved Proposals by domain
    • Gaming: 0
    • New Protocol Ideas: 1
    • Dev Tooling: 2
    • Education, Community and events: 4
  • Grant Amounts committed by domain ($)
    • Gaming: 0
    • New Protocol Ideas: 15k
    • Dev Tooling: 25k
    • Education, Community and events: 37k

Overview of Accepted and Funded Proposals

  1. Pear Protocol in New Protocl Ideas Domain
    • Funding approved for: 15k
  2. Infrastructure Support for Arbitrum One & NOVA in Dev Tooling Domain
    • Funding Approved for: 13k
  3. Laika - Request Builder for Web3 in Dev Tooling Domain
    • Funding Approved for: 12.5k
  4. Onboarding of New developers in Education domain
    • Funding Approved for: 9.5k
  5. Arbitrum Academy
    • Funding Approved for 19.5k
  6. Arbitrum as Official sponsor of Ethereum Mexico
    • Funding Approved for: 5k
  7. DeFi Africa - Web3 Buidl Workshop
    • Funding Approved for: 9.75k

Things to note: The above list only consists the officially accepted proposals, the Domain Allocators are in close talks with a number of other submitted projects that are close to being approved within the next week or 2. The Accepted proposals in principle currently lack the formality are working closely with the Domain Allocators to iron out their details with clear milestone based scopes.

We’d love to get feedback from the community here on the proposals that have been accepted, and any of the other proposals that have been posted on Questbook. Happy to clear any doubts about the program, or proposals, either from Questbook or the domain allocators.


You guys are doing amazing work!

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Hi @Srijith-Questbook,

Thank you for the amazing work going around on Questbook.

What is the current turnaround time for any project that applies for an Arbitrum grant on Questbook?
I have received some queries from devs about it being slow, is it possible to increase it as proposed?



Hi @Blueweb, for sure, Questbook and the domain allocators are responding to all our proposals quickly to iterate on the submissions while doing in depth due diligence, can you please let me know what queries specifically they’ve had, is it on response time, funding time, happy to understand and improve.

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HI @Srijith-Questbook,

Most queries are about the first acknowledgement that the application is in review. If that can be initiated whenever the domain allocator starts in-depth understanding.
Then is the time for approval or rejection, which can be 7/10/15 days if not less.

Some are around closed-door approvals where the application doesn’t contain the entire proposal in the desired format but still gets approved because of a conversation that has happened off the platform. I think this can be addressed by keeping the conversation on Questbook or MoMs from calls being commented on in the application window.

Again these are mere suggestions by which transparency and turnaround can be improved. I believe Questbook has the right expertise to deal with it.

Kudos to the great work!


Hi everyone, please find below the details of each multi sig for each domain and an overview of the transactions within these SAFEs.

The multisigs:

Main: Safe{Wallet} – Dashboard

Education Domain: Safe{Wallet} – Dashboard

Dev Tooling: Safe{Wallet} – Dashboard

New Protocol Ideas: Safe{Wallet} – Dashboard

Gaming: Safe{Wallet} – Dashboard

So far, in a per domain basis,

8500$ have been paid out to X number of grantees in the gaming domain

15000$ have been paid out to X number of grantees in the Dev Tooling domain

19400$ have been paid out to X number of grantees in the Education, Community and growth domain

0$ have been paid out to X number of grantees in the New Protocol Ideas domain

Also, we have reserved the operational expenses in the grants SAFE. I initially transferred all the 800k Arb into each of the 4 domains, at 200k Arb each, and later realized that the compensation of the allocators and operational expenses need to be safeguarded. Later I had transferred the budgeted compensation back to the main grants SAFE with the exception of the education domain remaining. This can be clearly tracked on the Multisigs.