Arbitrum Foundation Transparency Report 2023

The Arbitrum Foundation and the ArbitrumDAO are 10 months old and it has been an amazing year for the community.

As part of the Arbitrum Foundation’s commitment to transparency and giving the community insight into Foundation’s operations, today the Foundation is sharing the first annual transparency report.

The report is structured based on the mission statements in Foundation’s bylaws:

  • Technical Advancement
  • Grants and Strategic Partnerships
  • Educational and Community initiatives

And of course, our largest responsibility of all, acting as a platform to enable and support all activity within the ArbitrumDAO.

Some key takeaways in the report:

  • The ArbitrumDAO is alive with driving its own initiatives while enjoying well-defined and specific support from the Arbitrum Foundation.
  • The Arbitrum Foundation’s Grant Program has received >800 applications and as of December 31st 2023 it has committed $10.6m USD to over 50 projects and overall we spent $23m to grow and support the ecosystem.
  • The community has hosted and participated in multiple events across the year including ETHGlobal, Devconnect, Token2024, Permissionless, and its very own Arbitrum DAO Sessions (in personal and virtual).
  • The Ambassador Program was launched which enables students in universities and universities across the globe to pursue a career in blockchain development alongside hosting local events about Arbitrum (and the Ethereum) ecosystem.
  • Hosted around 334 AMAs (average of 29 per month) for ecosystem projects and DAO activities on the Arbitrum twitter account.
  • Progress on research to improve the Arbitrum protocol includes Stylus, BoLD, and updates to the software license to steam behind the Arbitrum Orbit strategy.

Our team has grown from 5 initial members to 20 full time contributors to tackle ecosystem growth, marketing, tech and research, legal and compliance, operations and DAO relations. We are continuing to build the team to ensure we can execute on all mission statements and to support all efforts undertaken by the ArbitrumDAO community.

We will target to publish a semi-annual progress update in August which is approximately in 6 months.


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