Arbitrum Incentives Program - Working Group

Arbitrum Incentives Working Group Call #4 - Call Notes

The agenda included:

  1. A summary of the Working Group’s history to date
  2. A retrospective on STIP consensus Framework
  3. A thought excersize on Extending STIP

The working group used to brainstorm and vote on feedback based on the STIP program across a number of areas.

  1. What Went Well
  • Arbitrum distributed ARB in just a matter of weeks (i.e. the consensus framework worked).
  • Huge community participation (although unexpected, and overwhelming, it was encouraging).
  • The framework moved quickly (speed).
  • The application process highlighted many smaller Arbitrum projects.
  • Initiated continued discussion on a long term framework and the Arbitrum ecosystem.
  1. What Went Poorly
  • Delegates expressed having less than ideal time to review proposals based on the number of applications.
  • A few projects got relatively large amounts of funding.
  • Would have benefitted from a stronger code of conduct for applicants.
  • There was some confusion around the budget and round 2.
  1. What Would You Change
  • Different voting mechanism (quadratic, limited voting, etc.)
  • Create a code of conduct based on lessons from this time.
  • Reduce the total budget and prescibe clear goals.
  • More clearly tier budgets and applications based on voting.
  1. Extending STIP
  • Reasons to Extend STIP as is
    • Keep it simple.
    • Fairness to proposals who were cut off from funding due to budget.
    • Reduce the advantage granted to those who received funding.
  • Reasons to extend STIP with Adjustments
    • Extend with a hard cap for different tiers.
  • Wait until a Long Term Framework
    • Wait to see STIP results.
    • Work hard on building long-term program(s) now to make sure something is live when STIP runs out.
    • Preference a more robust framework based on lessons learned.
    • Discuss the merits of STIP applications prior to accepting new ones - define what a strong application looks like.
    • More focus on KPIs.