Arbitrum Onboarding Working Group: Milestone 1 Status Update


We are one-third of the way through with the Arbitrum Onboarding Working Group Experiment. This short post serves as a status update for the DAO to understand what we accomplished in Milestone 1 and what to expect in Milestone 2, next month.

The Onboarding Working Group is comprised of myself, @ocandocrypto @Manugotsuka @krst and @Sinkas. We received a Questbook grant for 3 months of work. Krst and Sinkas help to facilitate the working group but have opted out of receiving Questbook payments.


  • Hosted 10 onboarding calls (2x onboarding calls/week) with 55 unique participants across all of the calls.

  • Created and updated the Arbitrum DAO Onboarding Hub.

    • The Onboarding hub houses information about the onboarding calls, DAO contribution opportunities, and existing funding sources. New contributors will also use this hub to understand how Arbitrum DAO governance works.
  • Created a dedicated Telegram account

    • The Telegram account has a general chat where we post announcements but the meaningful conversations happen in the group chats (each Fellowship area has a dedicated group chat).
  • Created a Contributors List

    • This is a list of all 55 participants who joined the onboarding calls. It includes each individual’s contact info, skill set, experience working in DAOs, and how they would like to contribute to the Arbitrum DAO.
  • Created 5 Fellowships

    • Fellowships are a streamlined way to push initiatives forward in a structured and timely way. The Fellowship Areas are: Business Development, Developer Relations, Social Media, Content/Education, and Ecosystem Mapping.
  • 47 participants were successfully matched to a Fellowship.

    • Out of a total of 55 participants who joined the Onboarding calls, 47 were matched to a Fellowship. 9 participants did not respond to our outreach.


We are starting to work on Milestone 2, the focus of which is two-fold.

On the Fellowship side, participants will be meeting for recurring calls and collaborating in their respective Telegram group to identify a “DAO desire” and execute on it.

On the working group side, we will be updating the Arbitrum DAO Content Hub, equipping Fellowship participants with knowledge on how to navigate the DAO, as well as supporting them as they go from zero to one with identifying a DAO desire to, hopefully, publishing a successful proposal (see the Introducing Arbitrum Fellowships post for more details on the process).