Arbitrum Onboarding Working Group: Milestone 2 Status Update


We are two-thirds of the way through with the Arbitrum Onboarding Working Group Experiment 2. This short post serves as a status update for the DAO to understand what we accomplished in Milestone 2 and what to expect in Milestone 3 (read our Milestone 1 status update here).

The Onboarding Working Group is comprised of @ocandocrypto @Manugotsuka @rikagoldberg, @krst and @Sinkas. We received a Questbook grant for 3 months of work. Krst and Sinkas help to facilitate the working group but have opted out of receiving Questbook payments.


  • Facilitated coordination and provided support in each of the 5 Fellowship Groups:

    • Established a regular cadence for checking-in with each Fellowship’s Telegram group to address their needs, answer questions, and make connections with relevant stakeholders, when appropriate.
    • Joined some of the recurring Fellowship calls (see Arbitrum DAO calendar) to listen and provide feedback when appropriate.
  • Supported Fellowship Groups in fostering a Build in Public and collaborative mindset.

    • Updated the Welcome to Arbitrum DAO Content Hub
      • Created an Overview of Arbitrum DAO page to help fellowship participants navigate the DAO as they ideate and start to work on a proposal to address their group’s identified DAO desire.
  • Created a dedicated page in the Content Hub for each fellowship group (e.g., Business Development Fellowship) to share their group’s meeting notes, call recordings, tasks, etc.,

  • Requested that each Fellowship group create a communication thread on the forum (e.g., Social Media Fellowship) to provide consistent and regular updates to the DAO and solicit feedback and support as needed.

  • Continued to host recurring Onboarding Calls for potential new participants:

    • Hosted number of 10 calls with an average of 10 participants across all of the calls.
    • Created a Twitter post for visibility.
    • The calls recur on Mondays at 1pm UTC & Thursdays at 10pm UTC (see Arbitrum DAO calendar)

What’s Next

We are starting to work on Milestone 3. This is the final Milestone of the Pilot program. In this final push, the Fellowships will create a proposal that addresses an identified DAO desire/need. Each Fellowship will continue to update their page on Notion and forum communication threads and they will reach out to delegates with significant voting power to get formal support on their proposal.

The Onboarding Working Group will continue to support each Fellowship by responding to questions and providing feedback on their output, as appropriate. The Working Group will also help foster collaboration by making introductions to delegates and other relevant stakeholders.

Finally, the Onboarding Working Group will create a New Contributor List (i.e, CRM) of fellowship participants to share with DAO working group leads.