Arbitrum Research & Development Collective: Elections & Applications

Hey gm guys!
Glad to see how the elections turned out. DAOplomats (previous DAOStewards) voted in this order:

Research Member
100% Blockworks and Delphi Digital - DAOplomats is very confident in the work Blockwork does. We see their engagement within the DAO and believe they are value and mission-aligned. The collaboration with Delphi Digital also looks promising so we decided to go with them.

DAO Advocate
100% L2BEAT & Ant - This was our easiest vote. L2BEAT has proved time and again how valuable they are to the community. This election was just to formalize them occupying the role and we are happy to see the collaboration with Ant.

Security Member
50% Trail of Bits, 50% OpenZeppelin - In this election, we split our votes equally between Trail of Bits and OpenZeppelin. We believe in the works they both do and any of them would make a valuable addition. Glad OpenZeppelin made it.

Risk Member
100% Chaos Labs - No competition here but asides that, Chaos Labs is super great and we gave them our full support.

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