[ARDC] DAO Advocate Communication Thread

**Quick Announcement:
We’ll be hosting an open call to discuss and explore how the ARDC could help delegates and other governance contributors with their ongoing initiatives.

The call will happen on Friday 10th of May at 1 pm UTC / 9 am EST / 9 pm SGT.

More information here.

We discussed this request in the last ARDC weekly sync on Monday 7th of May (meeting notes here) and we asked Delphi Digital to tackle it as we agree that it’s an interesting data point to have. However, there might be technical challenges in tracking whether the new (specifically) TVL remained in the ecosystem. The increase/decrease in TVL can be measured, but we might not be able to know whether entities or individuals who deposited capital to Arbitrum during STIP kept their capital on Arbitrum after STIP concluded. Delphi will consult with their engineering team on feasibility and get back to us on that matter. In turn, we’ll also inform on whether we’ll be pursuing this request further as ARDC.

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