ARDC DAO Advocate Discussion with Arbitrum DAO


The Arbitrum Research and Development Collective (ARDC) was established to assist the DAO with reviewing and enhancing governance proposals, conducting code reviews for security, providing quantitative analysis for economic risk, and fostering active delegate engagement. It would provide valuable tools and reports for proposal authors, helping them refine their ideas and make better-informed decisions.

The role of the DAO Advocate would be to act as the bridge between the DAO and the ARDC and ultimately decide what initiatives the ARDC will be involved in, and what the priorities of each member of the ARDC should be.

While there are currently a lot of initiatives either going through the governance process or actively being worked on to be submitted as a proposal to the DAO, the ARDC isn’t actively involved with any of them, nor has it been asked to be. We are not sure whether that is because it is not needed, or whether proposers are not aware that they can use the resources provided by the ARDC to help improve their proposals and their outcome.

In an attempt to explore potential collaboration opportunities between ongoing initiatives and the ARDC, we’re inviting proposal authors, working groups, and delegates to an open discussion on Friday 10th of May at 1 pm UTC / 9 am EST / 9 pm SGT.

To get up to date with what the ARDC has been working on, please refer to the DAO Advocate communication thread.

P.S ccing some contributors who might be interested (in no particular order):
@lino @danielo @thedevanshmehta @Bernard @Gonzacolo @Matt_StableLab @Djinn @Frisson @JoJo @aminiman


Thank you for the invitation, this is very timely!

Unfortunately, I’ll be on a plane but we could really use the ARDC’s help as a neutral party to review the impact report of the Pilot we ran. Having this validated as well as recommendations for improvement would be very useful for the current proposal.

@lino can you make it?


Hey Danielo, thanks for commenting. I’ll make sure we discuss your request in the next ARDC call to discuss and decide on priorities.

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Hello @Sinkas,

Thank you for the invitation; I missed your message, otherwise, I would have loved to be there.
Count on me for the next one.

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Below you can find the meeting notes from the call.

DAO Advocate Open Call (10.5.2024) - Notes