[ARDC] DAO Advocate Communication Thread


Following the success of the proposal to establish the Arbitrum Research and Development Collective (ARDC), elections were held to determine the members of the collective. In the context of those elections, Ant Federation and L2BEAT joined forces and together we were elected in the role of the DAO Advocate. The mandate of the DAO Advocate is to represent the DAO and direct the ARDC’s efforts. It essentially functions as the bridge between the Arbitrum DAO and the ARDC.

As the DAO Advocate, we’re committed to transparency and we’ll use this communication thread to regularly provide upgrades on what we, as well as all the other members of the ARDC, are working on.

Following our election, we hit the ground running by first establishing a direct line of communication between us and all the members of the ARDC. We’ve also already had 2 calls so we can coordinate among all members of the ARDC to discuss the next steps and operational procedures going forward.

ARDC Public Notion Page

For transparency’s sake, we’ve set up a publicly viewable Notion page that contains all information relevant to the ARDC’s operations. Specifically, there’s a section that will have meeting minutes from all the ARDC calls, and a kanban board that will contain all the tasks the ARDC will work on, is working on, and has worked on.

Additional sections and subpages will be added if and as needed.

You can find the Notion page here.


Given the role, communication between the DAO and the DAO Advocate is essential. To that end, we want to make our communication channels known so you can reach out to us at any time.

1) This communication thread. You can use this thread to publicly bring up topics in which our involvement in our capacity as DAO Advocate is needed.

2) Bi-weekly status update call. As per the mandate of the original proposal, we’ll be hosting 2 calls per month that will be open to the public to address any and all topics relevant to the ARDC. During those calls, both the DAO Advocate as well as representatives from all the members of the ARDC are going to be present.
The calls are going to happen every other Monday at 1 pm UTC / 9 am EST starting on Monday 8th of April 2024. You’ll find the links to the calls in the Arbitrum DAO Governance Calendar.

3) ARDC Meeting Minutes. You’ll be able to find meeting minutes from each call (both private and public) of the ARDC in this Notion page we’ve set up.

5) L2BEAT Arbitrum Office Hours. We already host weekly office hours where stakeholders can discuss all things relevant to Arbitrum with us. We’re inviting people to freely use our office hours to discuss DAO Advocate matters. The call takes place every Thursday at 3 pm UTC.

6) Open Arbitrum Governance Call. The monthly open governance call is also a good place for discussions relevant to the whole ARDC. We’re always present at those calls and happy to discuss any topics relevant to the ARDC and DAO Advocate. The next call is happening on Wednesday, 3rd of April at 3pm UTC / 11 am EST.

7) Telegram. For a quick and direct way to reach us, you can send a message to Krzysztof on Telegram. Turnaround time will be within 24 hours on a business day.

Next Steps

Going forward, you can expect regular updates from our involvement in the DAO in our capacity as DAO Advocate in the form of written updates. Of course, you can find us to discuss anything in more detail in any of the communication channels mentioned above.

From a process standpoint, all ARDC members are going through the KYC/KYB process to sign an agreement with the Foundation and have submitted the necessary documentation. Once that process is complete, we’ll be set to officially kick things off.

Operationally, and in parallel with the KYC/KYB process, we’re working on identifying and deciding on key areas of interest in which the ARDC could already be of help, on top of establishing how we’ll collectively respond to the DAO’s needs as they arise.

Call to action

We invite everyone to participate in our inaugural call on Monday 8th of April at 1 pm UTC to discuss all of the above and more relevant to both the ARDC, but also Ant Federation’s and L2BEAT’s role as DAO Advocates.