Boom.LOL - safer memecoins on Arbitrum One - Kick start memecoin proliferation on Arbitrum

Hi Arbitrum Community!

Not too long ago, we launched an experimental platform called Boom.LOL to make it safer, fair & community-oriented for people to create memecoins on Arbitrum One.

Our thesis:
Memecoins seem to attract a lot of attention regardless of having no utility or purpose. We think that memecoins, when done correctly, can potentially increase the number of transactions on Arbitrum One.

Introducing Boom.LOL:
At Boom.LOL, we gamify the group experience of participating in the creation of memecoins. Memecoins are no longer managed & operated by a single developer. Instead, anybody can easily create a memecoin on Boom.LOL, at the click of a button, let the community be the judge of supporting it and bringing it to fruition.

We take away the complexity of launching memecoins by ensuring:

  1. when there is sufficient support, the memecoin automatically goes live on Uniswap
  2. the Uniswap liquidity is burned so that the memecoin remains permanently tradeable

Making the Boom.LOL experience competitive:

Leaderboard: To make the experience more fun & aligned to increase transactions on Arbitrum One, we have built a volume-oriented leaderboard in Boom.LOL where supporters are ranked based on their transaction volume contribution. This pits supporters against each other as they rush towards getting themselves ranked higher against their fellow supporters.

Bumping: Supporters like seeing the memecoin they support get more exposure; bumping through buying/ selling the memecoin gets their memecoin shown on the top until another transaction bumps it down.

Grade AAA White Egg: Similar to bumping, upon fulfilling the condition of having 60% of the memecoin listed on Boom.LOL in the hands of its supporters, the memecoin gets a one-time opportunity to show up at the top of the main page until another memecoin bumps it off the stage.

Boom.LOL an ongoing social experiment:
The communal gamified experience of launching memecoins is but our first step towards onboarding memecoins onto Arbitrum One. We are constantly thinking of new ways to make it more fun, exciting & safe for the community to participate in memecoins.

If proven successful, this model can potentially be applied to various projects & applications in the near future.

Help us understand memecoins & communal participation better by engaging in Boom.LOL. We appreciate your support! Thank you!

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Feature Update::
Graduation criteria lowered from 7 ETH to 3.5 ETH

We understand that launching a new project can come with various costs.

By lowering the seeding threshold, we are making Boom.LOL, an even more attractive option for launching memecoin projects.

Previously, memecoins launched on Boom.LOL must reach a market cap of 33.25 ETH or ~$ $123k to graduate.

From now on, newly created memecoins need only fulfil half that requirement. By accumulating 3.5 ETH through the bonding curve (achieving a market cap of 16.625 ETH or ~$58k), memecoins can graduate earlier and transit to the mainstream market on Uniswap.

By doing so, we hope to make Boom.LOL more attractive for the memecoin community to come onboard Arbitrum One.

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