BOPE - The First Memecoin on Arbitrum Nova - Help us Accelerate Nova Adoption

Hello world!

We launched BOBOxPEPE memecoin on Arbitrum Nova

BOPE is mix of BOBO and PEPE, The Most Memeable Due on The Internet!

Our mission is to expose more users to Arbitrum Nova as we think the network is super undervalued.
Other than that, we are trying to make fun on the blockchain (Nova) and bring new users to Crypto and DeFi as Nova is gas friendly and requirs to do multiple DeFi steps (Install Metamask, Buy ETH,Add Nova network, Bridge from Arbitrum One or Mainnet to Nova, Swap on DEX or in order to get some BOPE.

BOPE is safe, Openzeppelin ERC20.

100% of supply went to liquidity and burned!

Burn Address: 0x00000000000000000000000000000000B0B06E6E

Website: Soon

Thanks! If you want to partner and help us increase Nova awareness and adoption please send us on Twitter: BOBOxPEPE.


Good initiative. Memecoins are the best way to increase adoption (average Joe), fun, meme and makes users learn about Defi .

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Interesting… bought some Bope token as support

This is Dope! wait… i meant Bope :wink: