Catalyze Gaming Ecosystem Growth on Arbitrum

A great proposal! Gaming is such a huge way to onboard new members to the Arbitrum ecosystem and crypto in general. The best feeling to see is when someone new plays a game and doesn’t even realize that it is web3 related.

Treasure has onboarded so many new gamers and users to the Arbitrum ecosystem while Arb was in it’s infancy stages. Treasure’s community is one of a kind too, always lending a helping hand to new faces who are trying to navigate their way around and understand crypto. The blockchain can be very scary and overwhelming space when you’re new.

This proposal would only help the Arbitrum ecosystem in the long haul, helping support all of the gamefi eco on arb as well and bring in more users on the chain, while also helping us compete with the likes of Avalanche and Optimism who are supporting their gamefi eco’s HEAVILY as well.

Let’s get this done Arbinauts :saluting_face: :blue_heart: :orange_heart:


Fully support TreasureDAO and believe gaming is the way to onboard users onchain and esp to L2s


My personal opinion here.

We have resources but we don’t have speed.

This proposal is NEEDED for Arbitrum to stay relevant and to claim a greater share of the gaming market.

As a DAO, we should be doing all we can to push this forward as quickly as possible.



I think it would be foolish NOT to push Treasure and gaming to the forefront. We are in that generation of those who grew up with video games. Its an easy answer.


Treasure got me into Arbitrum which is the ideal place web3 gaming. As well as helping me to learn more about crytpo overall and diversify into some more apps within arbitrum. This grant sounds like a great way to onboard many more people.


Treasure is the reason I enjoy Arbitrum and really what broadened my knowledge base for crypto. Now I solely use Arbitrum outside of L1 ETH.

Treasure has continued to drive value and bring hordes of new eyes to the ecosystem. Continuing to create new and actionable products and not vaporware is most important thing to me in this space. The fact that they can execute and continue to drive a vision that is both lofty, yet able to achieve is something to greatly consider.

This grant could bolster and amplify the capabilities and garner many new partners, games, studios, and customers to the ecosystem and the chain as a whole. Treasure is not a flavor of the month, but a platform that holds strong roots that can have a lasting and successful structure. This proposal will not only help Treasure, but Arbitrum will reap rewards in tow.


I am writing to express my support for the Gaming Catalyst Program (GCP) proposal while also acknowledging some potential disadvantages that warrant consideration. This initiative presents an exciting opportunity for Arbitrum to excel in the gaming vertical, but it’s essential to weigh the drawbacks too.

Some potential drawbacks that need to get more attention:

  1. Resource Allocation: While the proposed budget of 200 million ARB is substantial, there’s a risk of misallocation or inefficiency in how these funds are distributed. Ensuring funds are used effectively and transparently will be crucial. I agree to a certain extend with @thedereksmart first point. GCP / Venture Team structure adds nothing tangible - other than [unnecessary] pay checks for additional people, with added bureaucracy.

  2. Over-reliance on Publishers: The proposal heavily involves established publishers, which may limit opportunities for independent game developers. Ensuring a balance between publisher-backed projects and independent initiatives will be essential for a diverse ecosystem.

In conclusion, while the Gaming Catalyst Program holds tremendous potential for Arbitrum’s gaming ecosystem, it’s crucial to approach it with awareness of these potential challenges. Mitigating risks, maintaining transparency, and adapting to market dynamics will be key to the program’s success.

I support this proposal with an eye toward addressing these concerns and ensuring a robust, sustainable future for gaming on Arbitrum.

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I welcome this proposal and can see a lot of thought has gone into it. It would be a huge boost for Arbitrum if this were to pass, as we know web3 gaming / GameFi is one of the hottest trends in crypto at the moment, with a lot of people naming it as one of the big potential winners of the current bullrun (and beyond).

This proposal would go a long way to attract and retain high-quality game builders on Arbitrum, and if Arbitrum became the home of web3 gaming, the whole chain would benefit massively from the influx of users.


Treasure brought me to Arbitrum and it’s been a real blast. I think continuing to invest in the team(s) that have proven to deliver and stay several steps ahead of the ecosystem in general would be wise. For me it’s been fun and kept me active in the community. The flywheel is spinning and space continues to grow exponentially. At it’s core, there is enjoyment for the user and that will be what draws more and more folks to this space. Dedication to the trailblazers and proven leaders is the way!


I’m curious if there are any eligibility requirements for being put up for vote for the GCP?

Some I would like to see instead of open voting are:

  • Avoiding conflict of interest such as investments or close ties to entities or communities (within or outside of the Arbitrum ecosystem)
  • Qualifications & background tied to publishing, BD, and other relative experience minimums (gaming specific)
  • A contract that stipulates that any under the table or backdooring into grants from the program will result in termination (accepting kickbacks or advisory equity)

I want to see this pass but also for it to be well thought through for who would be on this panel.

I would also be curious if this team will have immediate access to all 200M ARB or if it will come in tranches with milestone and metrics of success?
Regular refinement and updates to the strategy in process is what will set us apart from other ecosystems that have thrown money at the wall and had it not stick (i.e. Polygon and others losing many games over the bear)


I’ll echo what many have already said here. Gaming brought me to Arbitrum and has made me a daily (maybe hourly) active user for 18 months. Since then I’ve launched a podcast that focuses exclusively on Arbitrum, have experimented with countless protocols, have met incredible people and built a strong network, and have onboarded many others to Arbitrum. It all started with gaming.

DeFi builds TVL. Games build communities. If we get them both right, Arbitrum, and all of us, will flourish.


I think it’s a good idea, but it can’t lead to any good results if we choose committee members from active users of our ecosystem.

It is worth hiring significant professionals who have proven themselves in regular, not web3 gaming, because adding monetization through web3 is the easiest step in creating a game.

For some reason, we are trying to create an industry from scratch, although there are experts who can help us overcome the initial stage of development much faster. Even if these are expensive experts, this will give a big boost.


I was onboarded into the NFT world at the beginning of 2022 and was invited to join Arbitrum first to get a feel for the ecosystem. I was immediately drawn to the prospect of gaming and that led me to Treasure. They had the foresight to start building for the future of gaming and the time is now. It’s imperative that GCP is passed to help keep Arbitrum competitive vs other chains.

Treasure has an expanding library of games and a growing number of DAUs on Arbitrum. We must continue to grow the Arbitrum ecosystem and unlock the full potential of gaming. Other chains are already supporting GameFi and we can’t afford to fall behind any more.


Can you please explain your background, who you are, and how you hope to gain from this proposal or be involved? I didn’t see any conflict of interest disclosure or any introduction/ background section and your account is 1 day old.

The structure of the proposal has many points that make sense in theory but would fail in praxis, as previously noted by derek.

This proposal most notably fails to address and of the actual implementation details required to execute on an endeavor and venture funding of 400mm, notably legal or KYC/AML.

Rather than start voting and earmarking funds. It makes sense to fund a small research team to identify the challenges and propose a solution.

Smooth is Fast and Fast is Slow.

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Love the overall gaming ecosystem created by Xai, I expect many things to come forward from the project, best of luck to the devs and creators that they accomplished a great L3 that is going to take gaming to the next level with the help of Web3, we all know Xai is already a hero and this is just the beginning.


+1 to warhawk’s message above. I got into Arbitrum after using Xai ecosystem and learning new things every day ever since! well wishes to the developers and all the projects.
I hope we will see many great things from XAI in future.


I also fully support this proposal. Treasure brought me to arbitrum 2 years ago so because of gaming I discovered arbitrum. Now speed is really needed imo,the competition in gaming is really high. we can discuss this proposal for months, generate different ideas, hire research group, think about special additional board , put additional details (that practically impossible to do at this stage) , discuss all the risks involved , sure a lot of members will throw “smart ideas”, but finally what we achieve and when? Now we have a proposal that was prepared by professionals. Here it looks that all agree that this program is needed. In my opinion Dao just need assurance that all will happen in transparent way and done by reputable people who understand in this field. We already have it in this proposal. Arbitrum needs to act NOW, tomorrow it will be too late this is a highly competitive industry


i was able to read the initial document and for what it matters contribute with non relevant questions coming from an outside of this world, questions that were mostly, well, not relevant at some point.

Let’s go point by point

  • we NEED a game grant proposal
  • we HAVE in arbitrum people who understand this sector
  • we SHOULD TAKE this good opportunity to seize first and consolidate after a main role in gaming in arbitrum.

The proposal explains with the different mechanics the differences between grants for defi and gaming, with the latter having a more complex life cycle.

Looking forward to see this application go live for voting.


There is no community like the gaming community on Arbitrum. It’s the most passionate, fun and resourceful group of people. We have all come together to create something special, TreasureDAO has been a true partner and guide in this gaming narrative. Say yes to gaming, say yes to fun, say yes to community. And as always; EEEEEEEE


Great proposal to catapult Arbitrum to the top of the web3 gaming world. As an OG member of the Treasure Community there is no better project or gaming ecosystem worthy of a grant. They onboarded thousands to Arbitrum and will continue to push the gaming space forward.

There is only one Arbitrum - There is only one Treasure