Team 11 # GAMING Attract Top Game Developers

Proposal: Attracting Top Game Developers to GCP through Community Engagement

Track Name: Gaming

Challenge Statement:
GCP wants to attract top game developers, but is not actively engaging with developer communities, especially existing developer organizations focused on diversity and inclusion.

By fostering partnerships with such organizations, GCP will gain access to a broader talent pool.

Livichain - Ale Corbella

Team Lead Contact Name:

Loom Recording: Attracting Gaming Developers to the Arbitrary Ecosystem | Loom

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Currently, Arbitrum does not have a formal program focused on funding minorities project leaders and game developers.


We have the opportunity to partner with existing developer and builder communities in San Francisco .
By accessing such communities, Arbitrum gains access to a larger pool of game developers.

Livia 's Personal Motivation because few months ago I participated in GDC 2024 and I set the goal of applying what I learned in the web3 gaming industry.


A partnership of this kind will not only help onboard top developers, but will help onboard underrepresented builders into the Arbitrum ecosystem.

We don’t want to attract people who are doing DEGEN Gambling, just people who have the experience and can SHIP.


  • Cross DAO Foster collaborations across existing grant initiatives.
  • Create Shared KPIs
  • Establish Partnership Terms with experience women in the Gaming industry
  • Event Planning & Execution

The IGDA Foundation ( is a global charitable organization serving underrepresented and marginalized developers and individuals interested in a career within the gaming industry.

Steps to Implement:

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We can start in 3 months (2024) in San Francisco directly with the Game Community. Given the strict timeline, we are hoping to proceed to Snapshot (if delegates approve)
Then de Implementation can be

Once spending is approved by the DAO, funds will be sent to a ⅔ multisig to be converted into dollars. These dollars will be used to pay for the costs associated with running and organizing the Parnership. will provide event details on the forum so that the entire community can participate in the event’s scope and execution.

50% of the funds will be paid to the comunity Proposal Leader (Alejandra/Livia) upon this proposal’s approval. An additional 35% will be disbursed the week before the event, and the final 15% will be disbursed after the event concludes.

Overall Cost: Total cost breakdown, fixed and recurring costs.
Successfully executing a world-class high-quality IRL activation requires a significant budget.

The event’s research, preparation and delivery phase determines the exact event program design, local costs, the number of participants, any scholarships/stipends, etc. Getting the funds approved is the top priority so can begin to work out these details.

The all-in cost to execute this proposal is expected to be

n Item Cost
1 Each Workshop $5000 :Venue, Food, Drink, Swag, Marketing Material printing. 15000
2 Marketing, Pre/Post Event Media Production, Photography ( 3 Events ) 10000
Total 25000

How could I have a real opportunity to apply my knowledge and perspectives in video game communities, as well as technology in video games? Additionally, I seek to learn about governance from people with experience and good practices.
New Interrogatives for contribute
question/thought: I would like to propose another way to find the necessary incentives for the OGs of the DAOs in Arbitrum to truly help newbies and make an impact.

About us:

PSD Why ZK, SDK Wallets and other technology:
Some people may ask why I don’t focus on just one thing, because it is part of the training I am doing to have a high understanding, as well as have conclusions that can read the market and create current products that solve the creation of the new internet.



Well @Livichain While your proposal is already strong, consider how you might amplify its impact. Could you incorporate additional elements, such as mentorship programs, scholarships, or online resources, to reach a broader audience and create a more sustainable initiative? Your implementation plan is solid, but painting a more vivid picture of the journey ahead could help engage and inspire others. Describe the transformative experiences you envision for the participants, the connections they’ll make, and the innovative projects that might emerge from this initiative. Let your passion for this cause shine through, and others will be drawn to support and contribute to your vision. Your cost breakdown is thorough, but it’s essential to ensure that each expense directly contributes to the project’s goals. Consider whether there are opportunities to optimize costs or allocate resources more effectively to maximize the initiative’s impact. By demonstrating a commitment to financial stewardship, you’ll build trust and confidence in your ability to execute this project successfully.
In summary, your proposal is a shining example of how to create positive change in the gaming industry. By subtly expanding your vision, articulating the journey, and balancing the budget, you can create an even more powerful and transformative initiative. I’m excited to see the impact this project will have on the Arbitrum ecosystem and the gaming community as a whole.