Chuy García - Candidate for Security Council

Hello ArbitrumDAO community. My name is Chuy García and I’m from Mexico. Before approaching web3, my background was in the film and music independent industries in Mexico, mostly with activities surrounding production.

In 2020, I was captivated by on-chain governance with the 1Hive community and soon took on the role of Communications Steward with the Token Engineering Commons. There, I had my first chances to participate in multisigs as one of the signers responsible for significant working group budgets.

Once pandemic regulations started to relax in Mexico in the begining of 2022, me and a group of good friends joined forces to put together The DAOist Mexico City as an attempt to foster and take the local web3 community a step further. This attempt was successful, as it triggered a series of events that grew the community to hundreds of members and built itself up until ETH Mexico by ETH Global happened, where I had a chance to assist the event’s production which gave the Mexican builders community worldwide exposure.

I started 2023 as the Events Lead for the Ethereum México community and as a Community Manager at Dappnode, where I’m continually exposed to the importance of security in the ecosystem. Both of these responsibilities and my overall journey have taught me valuable lessons about security practices that will help me in case I get the honor of being elected as a member of the Security Council.

So, in a nutshell:

  • My professional background has given me a variety of skillsets at problem solving, while preserving efficient communication channels and due processes for verifying information. I’m good at making stuff happen in working groups, as well as bringing unique insights from different professional fields.
  • I think I would be a good Security Council member because as a node runner I’m good with emergency response and I have wide availability for a responsibility of this magnitude. I also think that my geographic location favors a diverse set of participants across different time zones.
  • This opportunity will give me a chance to strengthen my security practices by being close to experienced leaders in cybersecurity, as well as serving the Arbitrum community at the best of my abilities.

Thanks for your time and considering me in this 2nd Round for Security Council elections!

Chuy García.

EDIT: I’m very happy to reapply for the March 2024 elections. Since the last election I’ve proudly contributed to the following projects in the ecosystem that I’d like to briefly include for your consideration:

  • Ethereum México 2023: We had an amazing event back in October where I contributed as a lead of production.
  • Ethereum México DVT: A project where we got to mix community coordination with Dappnode and its simple approach for non-techincal users.

Also you are a great north star about decentralization, node operations, privacy and the ecosystem evolution.
I hope that you continue with the process.