Paul - Candidate for Security Council Election March 2024 Cohort - Bio and Platform

Introduction to Candidacy

I am excited to announce my candidacy for this term’s cohort of the Arbitrum Security Council, with a campaign deeply rooted in the Council’s foundational duties and principles. My background uniquely positions me to contribute effectively to the Council’s mission, combining legal expertise, technical acumen, and a passionate commitment to the Arbitrum ecosystem.

My background includes over 20 years’ experience as a senior lawyer and General Counsel at Tier 1 technology companies such as EDS and NTT. In 2020, I launched my own law firm - Daimon Legal - that currently supports Gamefi, NFT and DeFi projects. I am also a board member of the DAI Foundation and long standing contributor to Legal Industry DAOs such as Lex DAO and LeXpunK DAO.

Platform and Vision

As an early contributor to the Arbitrum Constitution where I focused on the specific risk profile of Security Council Members, I’ve demonstrated a serious commitment to upholding the Arbitrum ecosystem’s security stance. My recent Openlaw GitHub contributions on projects like the Whitehat Safe Harbor Agreement further emphasizes my readiness to build security frameworks that allow teams such as the Security Council to respond to incidents with urgency and precision.

Procurement Committee and Legal Frameworks

A cornerstone of my candidacy is my role in the ArbitrumDAO Procurement Committee (ADPC), where we are pioneering a comprehensive Procurement Framework specifically designed to streamline the process for Arbitrum ecosystem actors acquiring critical security services and auditors, thereby bolstering the overall security posture of the Arbitrum ecosystem.

I am strongly of the view that enhanced collaboration between the Security Council and ADPC will be a net benefit to both groups. The ADPC intends to work closely with the Security Council to build solution requirements and review applicants to the Framework, and I intend to strengthen that collaboration by building ties with both groups and facilitating workflow between them.

Experience and Commitment

As the Arbitrum ecosystem continues to evolve, my experience and knowledge—especially in legal analysis and managing security incidents at an enterprise level—will, I believe, be invaluable. I have a proven track record of drafting and maintaining enterprise-grade operational security incident policies and procedures and have represented Group Legal on incident response teams.

I’m based in Australia but work long hours to support projects across the globe. My typical day starts around 21:00 UTC and ends around 1400 UTC (17 hours). This strong work ethic will be invaluable in the role here given the requirement for Security Council Members is to be readily available in the event of a security incident and also provides coverage in the APAC time zone.

Vision for Arbitrum’s Security and Governance

I envision a Security Council that not only reacts promptly to incidents but also anticipates challenges, implementing strategic measures to safeguard the ecosystem. This vision is grounded in robust governance, transparent operations, and proactive security enhancements such as those I am contributing towards in my work on the ADPC.

Thank you for considering my candidacy. Together, let’s shape a secure future for Arbitrum.


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