Create a Discord Category Channel for Governance

Title: Proposal: Create a Discord Category Channel for Governance

Constitutional/Non-Constitutional: Non-Constitutional


This proposal suggests the creation of a new category channel on the Arbitrum Discord server, specifically dedicated to governance-related discussions.


Discourse alone is good, but adding discord to the governance communication stack will make things better. As the Arbitrum ecosystem continues to grow, the need for transparent and open discussions around governance becomes increasingly important. Creating a dedicated category channel on Discord will provide an additional organized space for community members to share their thoughts and ideas about governance and facilitate more efficient decision-making processes.


The creation of a governance-focused Discord category channel aligns with the Arbitrum community’s mission to promote open and inclusive discussions and will provide a platform for community members to share their opinions and feedback on key governance-related matters. By creating a dedicated space for these discussions, we can ensure that important governance-related topics are easily accessible to the entire community and that more voices are heard. Discord offers more :point_down:t5:

Real-time communication <> Back-and-forth, lfg​:speaking_head::parrot:

Discord allows for instant messaging and voice communication, which makes it easier for community members to communicate with each other in real time. This can be especially helpful for discussing time-sensitive topics or having quick conversations that don’t necessarily warrant a full forum post. Members can also use this channel to sync on potential governance ideas they are working on which are not fully fleshed out yet for forum posts!

Enhanced community engagement <> Put vibes in governance!:v:t5:

Discord has a more casual and interactive feel compared to the Discourse forum, which can help to foster a sense of community and increase engagement. This can be especially important for governance discussions, as it can encourage more community members to participate in the decision-making process. Discourse is a read, reply, ask-question platform. Makes it a dry place to be lol. Adding discord will ensure that members have a place to hang out and banter in a good vibes way.

Accessibility <> Regardless of your preference, you can partake in governance!:sweat_smile:

Some community members may prefer to use Discord over the Discourse forum, as it can be more accessible and user-friendly for certain individuals. Providing both options can help to ensure that everyone has a chance to participate in governance discussions, regardless of their preferred communication platform. For folks who don’t like discourse and are more active in Discord, this can be a great way of getting them informed and also onboarding them to discourse to participate more.

Improved organization <> could be chaotic but still organized!:100:

Discord allows for the creation of sub-channels, which can help to keep discussions organized and easy to navigate. This can be especially helpful for governance discussions, which can often cover a wide range of topics and sub-topics. Heck we could even have a delegate thread/channel under this category for delegates to meet and chat about various stuff in a more comfortable and informal setting!

Overall, adding a Discord channel for governance in addition to the Discourse forum can help to create a more well-rounded and accessible communication platform for the community, which can lead to more engagement and participation in the governance process.


The proposed Discord category channel will be called “Governance” and will be located under the “Community” category. The channel will be open to all members of the Arbitrum Discord server, but moderation will be required to ensure that discussions remain civil and respectful.

Steps to Implement:

  1. Create a new category channel on the Arbitrum Discord server called “Governance.”
  2. Assign moderators to the new channel to ensure that discussions remain respectful and on-topic.
  3. Announce the new channel in the #announcements channel to inform the community of its existence.
  4. Encourage community members to utilize the new channel for governance-related discussions.


This proposal can be implemented within one week of its approval.

Overall Cost

There will be no associated costs with creating the new Discord category channel for governance.

I believe that the creation of a dedicated Discord category channel for governance will promote more inclusive and transparent discussions, and ultimately help to strengthen the Arbitrum ecosystem as a whole.


Thank you @thinkDecade

This is a low cost way to drastically improve engagement and communication in governance hence I am in favor of this initiative


Communication is always key if you want to achieve transparency. And since its got costing us low lets not hesitate on it. I think its in the right direction


What would a discord do that this channel doesn’t?


I think an additional to discourse will be good as more :eyes: are on discord (probably).

As the low cost to get this up I’m in favor for the proposal.


Communication is key if you want to achieve transparency. And since its got cost us low lets agree on it.I vote in favour :+1:


There are so many apps on Arbitrum Ecosystem and it is really necessary to create a category channel so that we can communicate more efficiently


Solid - this is a strong start for boosting communication among all stakeholders.

Additionaly - thanks for following the template as outlined in “How to submit a DAO Proposal.”

It’s very well done and is a great model for future propsals.


Communication is a major part of a community and it should be taken care of well to improve transparency and accountability.
Since it cost nothing to Create a Discord Category Channel for Governance, i feel it should be considered

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This is a really cool proposal and I believe it’s much needed. I’m actually one of those people that believes Discord is invaluable for any community and not many are using it to it’s maximum potential.

Of if the conversation/topic involves a huge amount of people (as it will most likely be the case with Arbitrum) it can sometimes get out of hand and will need really dedicated community manangers/moderators, but it’s still one of the best ways to get in touch with ALL of the people from the community and actually get the pulse and really hear people out.

Can’t wait for this channel to be created as I would love to participate in the conversation and even help out by moderating the discussions. Over time we can create fun activities and even experiments that people would love to participate with the goal of making governance more fun and inclusive for the Arbitrum community :grinning:


Hi @AnaTech.eth @stonecoldpat , looking to move this to next step. not sure if we need to go to snapshot with this. if not can I know who to contact to get the discord category set up? Am happy to help out with moderation for starters if need be. thanks.


Hi, @thinkDecade! Thank you so much for putting this together and for building Arbitrum!
Please contact Eli, the Community Lead in Arbitrum Foundation in Discord (eli_defi#1992) :blue_heart: :orange_heart:


thank you @AnaTech.eth let me cc @eli_defi


Hi Thank you for all you are the best team ever