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Why are the WEB-3 Companies use WEB-2 Forums? That’s dissapointed.


Hi, If only that would be possible/efficient… Not even forums that use some web3 technology are truly decentralized. In terms of applications and databases, we still have a long way to go.


how can i participate in governance by voting?


how can i participate in governance by voting?


You need $ARB tokens


Welcom to Arbitrum forum
it is the place to be


You need to own ARB tokens in your wallet and you need to delegate those ARB tokens to yourself if you would like to cast votes yourself.

If you don’t feel like participating in votes yourself, you may also delegate your voting power to someone else.

Whether you want to delegate voting power to yourself or someone else, you need to do it on www.tally.xyz

If anyone would like, please delegate some voting power to me at Castun.eth :slight_smile:


As answered above, just delegate your tokens to yourself or anyone else you choose at tally.xyz to participate in governance. I am also accepting voting power to anyone who would like to delegate to me at mrboard.eth

Check my profile on tally.xyz or my application by searching for mrboard.eth in this forum if you are considering a delegate to use


As u wish of companies choice


arbitrum is very nice block chain :star_struck:


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How do i participate in governance by voting


Go to www.snapshot.org, join the Arbitrum DAO and vote on proposals there. Also go to www.Tally.xyz and check for proposals on there. So far all official proposals have been on snapshot


I was voted but not sure that if my vote was counted we all love arbitrum foundation


Whats up Fam! Happy to be here!




Ok I’ve been trying to be involved in arb ecosystem for awhile and I did all that, delegated my tokens and such, now I’m unsure what to do in the case of all my arb tokens were sent out of my wallet, so my understanding is that now I can’t continue participating? How to get my tokens back? This is just so upsetting because I’ve never had this kind of thing happen and in which case what is it that a person, (newbie) can do to fix the situation? I do work hard not only in this community but a few others and never once asked for anything, compensation, rewards and such, in other words I do this voluntarily and so I guess my question is then, how to get my tokens back? It’s not like I can just buy them, and I’ve been trying to keep up with reading this forum and seems to me there are quite a few other people besides me with the same problem.