Delegate to a public access, public good citizen enfranchisement pool through Event Horizon

It’s exciting to see this idea getting feedback from other delegates! 404 DAO has talked numerous times with the Event Horizon team and we are aligned with their mission to increase participation in governance across the industry. Our team has also worked with Event Horizon at GovHack on a similar governance participation experiment inspired by the program Stable Labs presented in the Uniswap DAO. It is now in the RFC stage.

Luckily, Arbitrum DAO benefits from a passionate community and it has numerous active delegates. But like @krst said, one of the best things about crypto is the ability to meaningfully experiment with governance and we think this proposal is a great way to start one of those experiments with Arbitrum.

Before seeing this go to a snapshot vote, we’d like to see a few clarification and edits made to the proposal:

  1. It was mentioned in a response that the oversight committee only has the power to overrule and vote Abstain. We agree with this direction and it’s an important detail that should be added to the proposal. As well as just clarifying that the committee’s scope and powers only pertain to Arbitrum DAO votes, since Event Horizon is involved in several DAOs. Other responsibilities that we’d propose is notifying the DAO in the event that the delegation should be revoked and monitoring for any sybil activity or potential capture. If there are any other responsibilities or powers of the oversight committee, these should be added as well.

  2. We would like clarification on if Gitcoin Passport will be used. Currently, the proposal is quite vague on whether this will be implemented. With mint passes being subsidized we do think it’s important to include and would like to see details on how long it would take the Event Horizon team to implement this in the case of a successful vote.

  3. We agree with @krst that this experiment should not be optimistically approved after 1 year but rather should return to a DAO vote to be continued. If it is successful and proper reporting/documentation is provided to the DAO, we anticipate it being extended easily.

  4. The technical requirements for the DAO to delegate to Event Horizon should also be included in the proposal. As well as costs, timeline, and actions required from the Foundation. Mentioned in this response:

  1. While we are normally very supportive of milestone based proposals and KPIs, we’d like to better understand how easy/difficult increasing the delegation amount over time is for the DAO. Is this something that will require a vote after each milestone? If that is the case we’d recommend just starting out with the 5m delegation.

  2. Lastly, we would like to see a more detailed timeline of events & steps required to make this happen. For example, if the snapshot vote for this goes up on March 25th; when will elections for the oversight committee start and how long is the application period? If possible we’d like to see the committee chosen before the onchain vote so that those details can be included, or at a minimum, chosen before the actual delegation takes place. This would likely add an additional 2 weeks before the onchain vote even goes live, and then another ~17 days before the delegation is actually executed. Given this, we’d also like to see an updated timeline for the KPI’s presented (depending on answer to number 5).

Looking forward to hopefully seeing these updates and any other suggestions from delegates! We appreciate the time and thought the Event Horizon team has put into this idea.