Dhive - The Premier Governance Data Hub

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We are grateful that our project Dhive got accepted to receive a grant from Arbitrum through Questbook. :sparkling_heart:

With this post we want to introduce ourselves, keep you updated on our progress and connect with individuals who share our passion for governance and analytics.


Dhive’s goal is to answer governance-related questions and back them with data-driven insights.


What we are building

Dhive’s goal is to become the premier governance data hub, offering users a consolidated platform for easy access to information, insights, updates, and monitoring tools. It aims to equip users with a clear understanding of governance activities, allowing them to make informed decisions in a trusted environment.

Core features

Comprehensive Data Aggregation

Aggregation of on-chain data (Tally) and off-chain data (Snapshot) into a single, easily accessible location and providing analytics and meaningful insights into governance related data. This solves the problem of fragmented solutions where users have to navigate between different platforms to gather comprehensive governance information.

Trusted Credentials Environment

Implementing chain-agnostic credentials that allows for the verification of participant identities and history, enhancing the reliability and integrity of governance participation. This fills in an existing gap related to the absence of credentials that might lead to potential trust and credibility issues.

Custom Notification System

A custom notification system designed for governance activities that solves the problem where key governance notifications often get lost among numerous other announcements on various social platforms, making it challenging for users to stay updated and respond timely to new proposals.

Progress so far

Our team has made significant progress and we have already hit our 1st Milestone where we’ve successfully constructed the core architecture and database models, indexed Arbitrum ecosystem on-chain data from Tally, set up our frontend to NextJs 14 and integrated server-side rendering (SSR) for fast performance, rolled out the new UI/UX for the project and have implemented web3 chain-agnostic credentials for profiles.

To see our progress in action and explore the full roadmap, check out these links :point_down:

Establishing partnerships is a key measure of success for us. We’re excited to have partnered with Mask Network (announcement) as we are using Next.Id for credentials, Trusted Credentials Environment being one of the core features.

As part of our goal of extending our project’s reach and to better understand the communities we want to serve, we’re present in various daos. Recently we had the opportunity to demo our project to ENS DAO and applied to ENS - Small Grants. :crossed_fingers:

Get involved

We are an early-stage project so your ideas, questions, and insights matter more than ever, so feel free to share them with us. You can reach out to us here or on our socials Twitter / X or Discord.

Thank you for your trust and support! :sparkling_heart:

Quick heads up – for those interested in smaller updates and sneak peeks, we’ve got a dedicated thread on Arbitrum’s Discord channel for just that. Swing by and let us know your thoughts! :sparkles:

We are happy to report that our team made substantial progress and hit Milestone 2. Our team has successfully indexed the Arbitrum ecosystem on-chain data from Snapshot. We have also developed and implemented a data updater/fixer for active proposals, ensuring our data remains current and accurate, and on the UI/UX front, significant progress has been made:

  • Landing Page: includes ranking, latest proposals, and search functionality.
  • Dao Page: provides a summary along with detailed proposal information.
  • Proposal Page: provides relevant details about a proposal and detailed voter information.

These updates reinforce our goal to becoming the premier governance data hub and equipping our users with the necessary tools to navigate governance activities effectively.

Check out our progress on staging and let us know your thoughts! :sparkles:

We’ve got something exciting going on and we need your support!

Our team applied for ENS Grants - Public Goods Round 12. If you like what we’re building and want to help us expand our project’s impact, please consider voting for Dhive.

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Thanks for your trust and support. Your vote truly counts! :sparkling_heart:

We’re happy to announce that Dhive has ranked 5th in ENS Small Grants PG Round 12 with over 304K ENS votes!

A huge thank you to everyone who supported and voted for us. Your belief in our vision means the world to us. :sparkling_heart: