[Report, Announcement] ArbitrumHub - The Gateway to Seamless Navigation and Exploration in the ArbitrumDAO Ecosystem

ArbitrumHub is the ultimate DAO synchronization platform designed to streamline your understanding within the ArbitrumDAO ecosystem. Embrace community-driven governance with $ARB tokens, wield voting power, and shape network security and evolution. Say goodbye to scattered information and complexity, as ArbitrumHub consolidates essential information, offers user-friendly interfaces, and fosters collaboration for a better DAO understanding.

We’re deeply grateful to @DisruptionJoe and the pL labs team for their grant support, as well as the AF team for their continuous suggestions/support in the development of this platform. This is just the start of our journey; our aim is to transform it into a crucial and highly beneficial tool for all stakeholders, ensuring seamless navigation and engagement with the ArbitrumDAO, thereby nurturing better DAO understanding for both existing and new users.


Website: Arbitrum Hub

Twitter: Arbitrum Hub

Problems identified within the current ecosystem

Can Be Unnecessarily Complicated for Regular Users and New-commers

In the ever-evolving landscape of Web3 and its associated technologies, there exists a significant gap in understanding among the general populace. Making it a challenge to put the content in such a manner that even the newcomers would understand the context, which would lead to increased and easy onboarding of new users.

Scattered Information in the Arbitrum Ecosystem

One of the fundamental challenges in the Arbitrum ecosystem is the decentralized and uncurated nature of available resources. Vital information is dispersed across various platforms, including developer guides, project documentation, and community contributions.

Absence of a Go-to Platform

The current issue within the Arbitrum ecosystem is the absence of a go-to platform that consolidates all necessary information in one accessible location, making it easier for everyone to navigate the ecosystem. While there are existing platforms, they tend to present information in text-heavy formats, making it challenging for users to navigate and digest the content efficiently.

Lack of Comprehensive Guidance

Users might have trouble finding all the information they need in one place. For example, they might find technical details but not know how to get involved in the community or understand how projects are managed.

Fragmented Community Engagement

Because information is scattered, community members might feel disconnected from each other. A central place to find information would help them feel more connected and make it easier for them to work together

“The biggest problem with the Arbitrum DAO ecosystem is how hard it is for users to navigate. Information is all over the place, getting started is complicated, and remaining updated about decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) initiative is a real task.”

Our Approach

We noticed these problems and proposed them to Plurality Labs in Jan 2023 to come up with a plan and solution to make the ArbitrumDAO user experience & understanding amongst users better. We made an effort to fix these issues and make sure people were more involved with the Arbitrum DAO ecosystem.


Research & Analysis: Understanding the User Journey

The first step involved extensive research and analysis to gain a deep understanding of the current user experience within the Arbitrum ecosystem. We employed a multi-pronged approach:

Information Flow Mapping

Mapping the existing flow of information within the ecosystem helped pinpoint areas where users faced difficulty accessing or comprehending crucial data.

Brainstorming Sessions

Our team members with diverse backgrounds in design, research and development came together to brainstorm and identify key pain points. This collaborative effort ensured that the proposed solutions truly addressed user needs.


Addressing the identified gaps

Based on the research findings, our team developed a user flow that addressed the identified gaps in the Arbitrum ecosystem through multiple iterations and feedback. here are the things we considered:

Information Consolidation

A central information hub, or knowledge base, would be established. This hub would aggregate relevant information from disparate sources, making it easily accessible and understandable for users.

Simplified flow to navigate the ecosystem

Streamlining the process to navigate the ecosystem would reduce the learning curve for new users. This could involve implementing interactive tutorials, creating a step-by-step onboarding guide, and offering in-platform support resources.

Increasing DAO Participation

User-friendly interfaces for DAOs would be designed. These interfaces would facilitate seamless idea sharing, proposal creation, and voting participation, fostering a more engaged DAO community.


Building a User-Friendly Interface

Following the development of the user flow, We embarked on the UI design phase. There were few things we considered:

Consistent Design Language

A consistent design language would be implemented across all components of the Arbitrum ecosystem, including developer guides, onboarding materials, and community platforms. This would enhance user familiarity and create a seamless experience.

100% Open-Source & Future-proof Platform

Created an open-source platform with consolidated data accessible to individuals of varying technical expertise levels.

Responsive Design

Recognizing the diverse range of devices used by our users, we ensured that the interface was responsive across various screen sizes and resolutions. This responsive design approach guarantees optimal viewing experiences, regardless of the device being utilized.

Structured Content Presentation

The content was organized and presented in a structured manner, catering to users with varying levels of technical proficiency. We employed clear language and concise explanations, avoiding jargon and technical complexities wherever possible. This approach ensures that users can easily comprehend the content and navigate through the interface without feeling overwhelmed.

User-Friendly Content Updates

Implemented a simple method for users to update information using markdown (.md) files, ensuring easy community engagement with the platform.

Best Practices while Developing

We followed industry best practices in coding, maintaining a structured and organized codebase. Clean and well-commented code not only improves readability and maintainability but also facilitates collaboration among developers. By adhering to coding standards and conventions, we ensured a smooth development process and minimized the risk of errors or inconsistencies.

Challenges & Solutions

The project faced some tough challenges. We had to find smart solutions for these problems:

Bringing Together Different Information: Curating information from various sources proved to be a hurdle. We addressed this problem by rigorous research and use of proper tools and reliable sources to simplify the information that would be understood by both the regular users and the new users

Balancing Tech and User Needs: Striking a balance between the technical intricacies of the Arbitrum ecosystem and user needs for a simple and intuitive experience was crucial. User-centric design principles were rigorously applied to ensure the final solution effectively met user expectations without compromising technical functionality.

Scalability for Future Growth: We knew the platform would get bigger, so we made sure that the solution could handle more users at any point of time. To address this, the team designed the system with future expansion in mind, incorporating modular components that could be easily adapted to accommodate increasing user demands.

Key Features of the DAO Sync Platform:


The home page of the DAO Sync Platform offers a comprehensive overview of Arbitrum, its technologies, and the features of our platform. Designed for ease of navigation and accessibility, it provides users with a clear understanding of Arbitrum’s decentralized governance solutions.


  • Introduces the Arbitrum DAO in an easy and convenient manner.
  • Highlights advanced technologies driving Arbitrum’s decentralized infrastructure.
  • Offerings of the DAO Sync platform guide visitors to navigate effortlessly through the DAO Sync platform.
  • Updates and insights into Arbitrum’s latest community activities.
  • Newsletter Sign-Up for exclusive updates and event invitations.
  • Footer, making it easy to access essential links and resources.

Community Hub

The Community Hub is where it all happens in the Arbitrum ecosystem. It’s the place where the visitors can connect, collaborate, and be part of something bigger.


  • Discover, connect with, and engage with ambassadors within the Arbitrum community.
  • Facilitates collaboration, idea exchange, and partnership where visitors can view and upload community contributions.
  • Explore community gatherings, events, and hackathons that foster engagement and innovation.
  • Explore diverse career opportunities within Arbitrum’s ecosystem, spanning various roles.
  • Earn rewards by completing tasks and challenges, contributing to ecosystem growth.

Developer Hub

A centralized resource hub for developers, offering frameworks, tools, and insights into Arbitrum’s ecosystem.


  • Comprehensive consolidation of frameworks, technologies, and tools for developers.
  • Empowers developers with curated handbooks and resources into Arbitrum’s ecosystem.
  • Offers guidance on building DApps with popular frameworks like Solidity and Rust.
  • Provides insights into launching custom L2 chains with Arbitrum Orbit.
  • Facilitates seamless asset transfer between Ethereum and Arbitrum through token bridging solutions.
  • The FAQs section offers comprehensive resources for developers of all skill levels.

Grant Hub

The Grant Hub serves as a centralized platform for individuals and organizations to explore and engage with Arbitrum’s grants program. It offers a comprehensive overview of the grants program, its objectives, and the impactful projects supported by the Arbitrum DAO’s mission.


  • Single destination for comprehensive grant information.
  • Detailed information on all the grant program allocators (Arbitrum Foundation grant program allocator, Plurality Labs, Questbook, and Uniswap) includes their focus areas, budgets, and application processes.
  • Step-by-step guidance on grant application procedures.
  • Provides insights into launching custom L2 chains with Arbitrum Orbit.
  • Access to thorough documentation on the grant programs and approved projects is all at one place.

Incentive Hub

The Incentive Hub serves as an ultimate hub for individuals looking to engage with incentive programs designed to spur innovation and growth within the network. These pages are curated to provide comprehensive information, guidance, and resources necessary for participants to understand, apply for, and contribute to various incentive initiatives.


  • clear introduction to incentive programs, highlighting their significance in fostering development and adoption.
  • Clear descriptions of each program’s objectives, benefits, and how they function.
  • Clearly outlined eligibility criteria, project scope, and expected outcomes.
  • Step-by-step guidance on application submission, deadlines, and documentation requirements.
  • Information on available funding, budget allocation, and potential rewards.
  • Dedicated Discussion page with all the important discussions around this program at one place.

Proposal Hub

The Proposal Hub serves as a dedicated platform for individuals to engage with and contribute to the governance and decision-making processes of the network. Through this hub, participants can view proposals, view discussions, and vote on initiatives aimed at enhancing the ecosystem’s functionality, security, and growth.


  • Clear explanations of what proposals are in the Arbitrum ecosystem.
  • Step-by-step guidance on drafting, defining objectives, and submitting proposals.
  • Information on delegates, their voting powers, and past interactions with proposals.
  • Track record of proposals and delegate actions for transparency.
  • Instructions on who can vote, how to cast votes, and the importance of participation.
  • Curation of resources for broader community participation in governance.

Work Groups

A discovery place for the dynamic working groups within the Arbitrum ecosystem. These groups, under the leadership of the Arbitrum DAO, specialize in distinct areas of project management and development, fostering community-led initiatives and decision-making separate from the Foundation.


  • Clear explanations of the working groups in the Arbitrum ecosystem.
  • Access information on current workgroups, including their focus areas, meeting schedules, and communication channels.
  • Workgroup resources, including GitHub repositories and Discord channels, and their contributions like tutorials, articles, etc., all in one place.


A discovery place for the vibrant ecosystem built on Arbitrum, featuring a diverse range of decentralized applications (DApps) and grant projects aimed at fostering innovation and growth. The Ecosystem Hub provides a curated collection of these initiatives, offering brief descriptions and relevant links for further exploration.


  • Arbitrum Portal Link for in-depth exploration of listed DApps.
  • Grant projects showcase initiatives funded to accelerate development.
  • Simplified filters for easy navigation of grant projects.

ArbitrumDAO Multisig

A comprehensive view of financial and performance insights. Access treasury holdings, grant allocations, cash flow, and transaction history for strategic decision-making.


  • Treasury holdings overview
  • Grant allocations history
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Transaction history tracking


The blog page serves as a platform for visitors to stay informed about the latest developments, insights, and announcements. Featuring a diverse range of articles and posts, the blog provides valuable content to users, developers, and enthusiasts seeking to deepen their understanding of Arbitrum and its ecosystem.


  • variety of articles covering platform updates, technical deep dives, project spotlights, community initiatives, and industry trends.
  • Access insights and analysis from Arbitrum’s leadership team, developers, ecosystem partners, and industry experts.
  • Navigate the blog easily with intuitive categorization, search functionality, and archive browsing.

Future Goals

Our objective is to cultivate and sustain this platform as the primary hub for navigating the ArbitrumDAO ecosystem.

Propose Continuous Improvement and Maintenance

Our commitment extends to the continuous improvement and maintenance of the platform. We recognize the importance of adaptability and responsiveness to evolving needs, ensuring the platform remains a vital resource for the Arbitrum community.

Diverse Support Exploration through proper financing

We aim to explore various support channels, such as direct DAO initiatives, support from PL Labs grants, or assistance from the Arbitrum Foundation Grant Program. This effort will secure ongoing financial and awareness support, ensuring the continuous sustenance and development of the platform.

Integration of Vital Data Sources:

We intend to integrate the platform with essential data sources and other projects to enhance real-time access to crucial information. By providing comprehensive and up-to-date data, we enhance the platform’s utility and value to the community.

Community Education and Engagement

Educating Community Members and Workgroup Members on utilizing the platform effectively is one of our primary goals. By fostering awareness and accessibility, we empower users to leverage the platform to maintain and enhance their work within the ecosystem.

Commitment to Excellence

With thousands of hours dedicated to extensive research and development, we are deeply committed to ensuring the platform’s significance within the ecosystem. Our ongoing dedication lies in maintaining the platform’s relevance and value to all stakeholders.

Thank you


This is great work. I’m glad we were able to do this work with you and I’m looking forward to putting together a program to fund community participation in keeping it up to date!

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Thank you, @DisruptionJoe! We’re also in discussions with various teams to integrate real-time data wherever possible using APIs.
Additionally, we will soon provide details about the update and maintenance program for the platform.

Thank you

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