[DRAFT] Team 4 - Establishment of an Orbit Advocate Role

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Orbit Adoption Strategy

Challenge Statement

Arbitrum Orbit is missing support for new projects in 1) educational 2) technical and 3) financial perspectives. In this proposal, we decide to focus on tackling the educational perspective and come up with a solution: establishment of an Orbit Advocate role.


Addie Clark, Anne Winston, and Takeshi Ohishi

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Proposal Information

AIP Number: (To be assigned)
AIP Title: Establishment of an Orbit Advocate Role
Authors: Addie Clark, Anne Winston and Takeshi Ohishi
Status: Draft
Type: Standards Track
Category: Core
Created: 27 February 2024


This Arbitrum Improvement Proposal (AIP) introduces a position voted in by the Arbitrum DAO, known as the “Orbit Advocate.” The Orbit Advocate’s role is to increase adoption through education, promotion, and technical support.


Arbitrum Orbit and its use cases are relatively unknown, even within the Arbitrum community and especially in the wider DeFi ecosystem. Arbitrum DAO is missing an outreach strategy and responsible party to educate builders and drive adoption of Orbit.


Establish an adoption strategy for the purpose of increasing the number of projects using orbits through outreach, education, and technical support; known as the “Orbit Advocate”


Despite its potential, there is a noticeable gap in awareness and utilization of Orbit chains, both within the Arbitrum community and the broader DeFi builder communities. This gap stems from a lack of community outreach to highlight use cases, successful projects; as well as addressing the complex and novel nature of Orbits. An Orbit Advocate will focus on promoting and demystifying Orbit chains and facilitating their practical application, which is crucial for adoption.


The introduction of an Orbit Advocate is premised on the belief that technology alone is insufficient to drive adoption; education community support are critical drivers. By creating this role, Arbitrum can significantly increase the awareness of Orbit chains, encouraging more builders to explore and innovate within the Arbitrum ecosystem. This, in turn, will lead to a richer, more diverse, and more secure network of decentralized applications, furthering Arbitrum’s mission to scale Ethereum and expand its capabilities.


The Orbit Advocate will be responsible for:

  • Developing and disseminating educational materials for builders
  • Conducting outreach workshops, webinars, and interactive sessions
  • Providing technical support and guidance to builders and projects building on Orbit
  • Creating a feedback loop from the community to the Arbitrum DAO
  • Collaborating with Offchain Labs and the Arbitrum Foundation to enhance visibility and understanding of Arbitrum Orbit projects

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, ability to engage effectively with diverse audiences.
  • Deep understanding of blockchain technology, specifically Arbitrum’s Nitro tech stack and Orbit chains.
  • Experience in developer advocacy, education, or a similar role, with a proven track record of breaking down complex technical concepts into understandable terms.
  • Proficiency in Solidity and familiarity with the broader Ethereum ecosystem and its various layer 2 solutions.

Estimated Workload and Compensation Structure

Responsibility Estimated Time Spent Compensation (in ARB)
Creating Educational Materials 30 hours 2,400 ARB
Conducting Workshops and Webinars 20 hours 1,600 ARB
Providing Technical Support and Guidance 4 hours / week (24 hours in total) 1,920 ARB
Community Feedback and Liaison Work 4 hours / week (24 hours in total) 1,920 ARB
Collaborating with OCL and Arbirtum Foundation 2 hours / week (12 hours in total) 960 ARB
Program Wrap-up and Reporting 20 hours 1,600 ARB
Total 130 hours 10,400 ARB

These responsibilities are aligned with the role’s objectives to promote, educate, and support the adoption of Arbitrum Orbit. The time spent is an estimate and may be adjusted based on the actual demands of the role. The total compensation reflects a comprehensive commitment to the Orbit Advocate’s success within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

The trial program concludes with the Advocate compiling and presenting measurable outcomes in overall interest and projects launched in order to determine the continuation or adjustment of the Orbit Advocate position.

Steps to Implement

Election Process

Arbitrum DAO will initiate an election process to choose a candidate that meets specifications by a Snapshot voting by the DAO, similar to the LTIPP members.

Reporting and Communication Structure

The Orbit Advocate will report to both the Offchain Labs (OCL) and the Arbitrum Foundation to ensure a balanced integration of technical and business insights. This dual reporting structure is designed to maintain a clear and efficient flow of information and collaboration between the technical and business sides of the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Offchain Labs (OCL)

  • Oversight: regular reporting to a designated technical supervisor at OCL to provide updates on community feedback, technical support challenges, and educational content accuracy, review materials, and strategize on technical community engagement
  • Insight: Technical insights from OCL are essential for the Orbit Advocate to remain informed on the latest developments, updates, and best practices within the Arbitrum technology stack.

Arbitrum Foundation

  • Guidance: The Foundation will provide relevant information and resources to align with the broader goals of the Arbitrum ecosystem with Orbit use cases.
  • Check-Ins: The Orbit Advocate will have regular communication with the Foundation to ensure their efforts and activities are delivered effectively and in a timely manner…

Collaborative Communication

  • Strategy Sessions: Regular meetings will be held with both OCL and the Foundation to ensure the Orbit Advocate’s activities are synergistically supporting both technical and business goals.
  • Feedback Loops: The Orbit Advocate will establish feedback loops, ensuring that insights from community engagement are shared with both OCL and the Foundation.
  • Documentation and Reporting: The Orbit Advocate will maintain records of activities, feedback, and measurable outcomes. Monthly reports will be submitted to both OCL and the Foundation to review performance and impact.

The Orbit Advocate must be supported, empowered and equipped with the latest technical knowledge from OCL. This collaboration will enable the Orbit Advocate to effectively support the Arbitrum community and contribute to the ecosystem’s growth and success. The Orbit Advocate will share reports with both community and governance stakeholders.

Overall Cost

10,400 ARB (+ Multi-sig Cost)


The creation of an Orbit Advocate role is strategic investment in the future of Arbitrum Orbit and the broader Arbitrum ecosystem. By prioritizing education and support, Arbitrum can accelerate the adoption of its cutting-edge technology, fostering a more vibrant, innovative, and inclusive community.

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