Ethereum Bucharest x Arbitrum DAO

Great news everyone! :sparkles:

Arbitrum DAO has received the premium package at Ethereum Bucharest ( March) as a thanks for matching their round on Arbitrum and my personal efforts in supporting them + have Arbitrum presence at the event. Kudos to PL(again…) for enabling a plurality of outcomes :smiley:

This means we have:
:computer:We have 2000$ in bounties to offer to builders that will participate in the hackathon
:tickets:10 tickets to give out to those that want to attend. Please comment here if you need one!
:blue_heart:An Arbitrum(or Arb DAO, TBD) booth present in which you’ll probably find me and who ever wants to come :smiley:
:tv: Overall Arbitrum will have a solid presence at the event in terms of branding, digital ads and so on

There is an open question here tho-this was achieved done via the DAO so should we say is for Arbitrum or Arbitrum DAO? Not saying we should, but idk if we can say it’s Arbitrum since the foundation is not involved in this.

Would really appreciated some feedback from some of the more experienced DAOnaughts🙏


I think its okay to have some DAO representatives, not entirely sure on the branding aspects, but I am happy with PL acting as Delegate/Community representation. Pretty sure AAVE DAO does this at conferences, just they don’t pretend to be the foundation or Aave Co, they clearly state its AAVE DAO. Think we could probably do similar, unless someone from the foundation can be there to help oversee, which may be difficult with such short notice.


Hey, I completely agree, wasn’t sure how to proceed because its a unique situation imo. I think Arbitrum DAO should be the brand we use at the event, but would love if people from Arbitrum also join us :smiley:


@ZER8 invited me to assist with judging.

Here are my thoughts about the submissions:


GitHub - thedefibuilder/hackathon-bucharest

great integration with openAI, good contracts and backend and a decent UI.


GitHub - Enrypase/stray

Very professional approach to the app architecture and great documentation as well as UI.


GitHub - bertankofon/GrantProtocol: Grant Distribution Project, made @ETHBucharest

Definitely the best looking UI.


GitHub - alien1403/ETH-Bucharest-Hackathon

Difficult to comprehend idea completed within limited hackathon time. My personal favourite.



GitHub - GregTrifan/askaS

The best overall project with a database connected, zustand, front end completed with a unique retro theme. Contract is the latest trending ERC-4907 rentable NFTs. The only issue Greg is my teammate at

A separate post about my presentation titled: “Zero Knowledge proofs on Mina, zkPassport and SoulBound NFTs”.

My Introduction Slides

Also summarized in a blog post at Zero Knowledge proofs on Mina, zkPassport and SoulBound NFTs

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