The Arbitrum Matching Fest for running rounds on Arbitrum One 💙

300k Match Pool Funding on Arbitrum One

We’re extremely happy to announce that we’re providing 300k ARB in matching funds for the people/organisations that chose to run rounds on Arbitrum One! :blue_heart:

This Matching pool funding is available for projects/people that chose to run their rounds on Arbitrum One leveraging Gitcoins Protocols.

The funds will be rolled out on a first come, first serve basis. We will need to KYC the round or the grantees.

You can Apply Here


This program will provide funding to matching pools for rounds which choose to run on Arbitrum One. The goal is to further develop the Arbitrum ecosystem in a plural way by leveraging Gitcoins protocols.

Start Date: 11/1
End Date: Until funds run out
The first programs will run during GG19: 15.11-30.11

Match Level Guidance*

All rounds will be reviewed by me & round managing team. 2nd opinions and disputes by Plurality Labs. Option to have a Snapshot Vote to overturn PL decisions with a delegate sponsor.

Tier 1 - 100% match & 50k ARB max

  • Arbitrum specific criteria aligned with our strategy
  • Protocols or projects building on Arbitrum
  • Ethereum focused Infrastructure and/or Research

Tier 2 - 50% match & 50k ARB max

  • Have run a round before
    • Ethereum ecosystem protocols
    • General public goods(climate, governance, desci,etc)

Tier 3 - 25% match & 10k ARB max

  • Have not run a round before
    • Ethereum ecosystem protocols
    • General public goods (climate, governance, desci, etc)

We want to welcome the future web3 builders to run their rounds on Arbitrum One and we also hope the some proactive Arbitrum DAO members can coagulate and coordinate on hosting rounds focused on developing the Arbitrum DAO itself(Devrel, data, etc)

We’re striving for a credible neutral process in the distribution of these funds, but to ensure that entities will not attempt to farm or tailor rounds just to be eligible for the extra matching that are out of scope or emulate a round just to extract the matching funds we reserve the right to deny certain applications and/or exclude them from the matchings.

The matching funds are part of AIP3-a proposal that has the goal of creating a grant framework for Arbitrum DAO. You can read more about AIP3 and the programs here:


Program Strategy Enhancement

Our strategic approach involved funding rounds launched during GG19 to ensure an optimal experience for round owners that are introducing their communities to the Arbitrum ecosystem for the first time.

The Arbitrum Matching Festival has thus achieved to :

  • Support high-value organizations aligned with Arbitrum’s strategy, fostering the development of protocols, dapps and more, while supporting their communities through QF rounds.
  • Made a leap in helping establish Arbitrum as the home of some Ethereum ecosystem public goods, governance research, decentralized science and space initiatives, legacy organizations (ACS, WWF, etc.), innovators, and regenerative projects, ensuring a superior experience for rounds through consulting, marketing support, and more.
    *Onboarded native web3 communities to Arbitrum

All the Rounds data is onchain and can be viewed here:
ACS Round
TEC Round
Governance Research Round
1Inchlatam Round
Earthis Round
Despace Round

Of the total 300,000 $ARB in funding, we have disbursed 69,310 $ARB across the following rounds (all conducted during GG19), leaving 230,690 ARB to be allocated during GG20.

Funding Distribution Breakdown:

TIER 1: General Ethereum infrastructure & research

  • Token Engineering Commons (25k pool) - Tier 1 => 100% matching: 25k $ARB
  • Governance research (12.5k pool) - Tier 1 => 100% matching: 12.5k $ARB

TIER 2- General public goods

  • 1Inch LATAM (25k matching) - Tier 2 => 50% matching: 12.5k $ARB

TIER 3- First time running a round

  • American Cancer Society (60k matching) - Tier 3 => 25% matching: 15k $ARB
  • Earthist DAO (10k matching) - Tier 3 => 25% matching: 3.625k ARB
  • Despace (2.5 matching) - Tier 3 => 25% matching: 625 ARB

The remaining funding (230,690 ARB) was initially planned for distribution during GG20, which is now delayed due to major technical upgrades and the launch of Grant Stack V2, likely to occur after ETH Denver.

Funding Distribution Timeline

While PL Milestone 1 concludes in February, our program’s goal is not just rapid distribution but a strategic, sustainable approach and positive sum approach. We aim to distribute at ~30% of the total funding by the end of February and 100% by the end of April.

Project Manager’s Insights

  • The decision not to exhaust all funding by the end of Milestone 1 is an strategic option considering the postponing of GG20 for April.

  • I believe that the program has yielded great results, considering only 25% of the funds were distributed- goal was to distribute the matching funds in the optimal way.

  • The program was new and has not reached its maturity by far, but the positive network effects that can be generated have huge untapped potential. QF is a great and battle tested way of unleashing the creativity of your community

  • We have spread awareness around Arbitrum helped onboard entire communities to Arbitrum by matching research oriented organisations (Token Engineering Commons, Metagovernance, American Cancer Society, Descience) but also native web3 communities(DEFI, the Latam community) and have partnered with the DeScience community to support their future rounds on Arbitrum.

  • 91 unique projects applied in the rounds of which 70% involve research(token engineering, governance, cancer).

  • ~4000 unique individuals donated to the rounds!

  • My hope is that the program will continue to get support because we could co-organize Arbitrum centric QF(and hybrid) events for the Arbitrum ecosystem to help grow its protocols, products, the gaming ecosystem, general public goods, paving the way to a fully onchain grant program future which coupled with the decentralized community reviews can become the most interesting permissionless grant funding initiative in web3 imo

  • We’ve garnered substantial attention from the overall web3 community, but also from legacy organisations . (


The total amount of $ARB that was distributed during this program is 76935 + 25350= 102285 $ARB

All previous rounds= 69310 $ARB

  • Eth Bucharest: 5500 ARB

  • Glo Dollar : 1700 ARB

  • Nation Latam: 425 ARB

  • Gitcoin Citizens Round: 25035 ARB

                                      =102285 total $ARB distributed during the program

The program ended on March 30th.

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