[Feedback Request] Making DeFi strategies more accessible across Arbitrum

GM Arbinauts!

We are forever grateful to the Arbitrum Community for your endorsement of Factor’s LTIPP application. As we gear up to drive greater Arbitrum composability, we wanted to have an open discussion on how to further improve our platform to ensure the most effective use of ArbitrumDAO funds.


Factor is building Arbitrum’s DeFi composability layer by introducing a unique blend of modular financial primitives allowing users to create, automate, and share their multi-protocol strategies on Arbitrum.

In short, composble DeFi primitives from across Arbitrum and execute your strategy with a single transaction.

:small_blue_diamond: App: https://app.factor.fi/

:blue_book: Docs: https://docs.factor.fi/

Guiding Questions

As we strive to make DeFi strategies more accessible, your insights on the following would be invaluable:

  1. What are the biggest blockers you’ve faced when executing/operationalizing your DeFi strategies?
  2. Which Arbitrum DeFi protocols do you think can benefit greatly from cross-protocol modularity?
  3. Looking beyond incentivized liquidity, what are the things that you look out for when you deposit into strategies?

Additionally, please feel free to share any feedback or ideas about our app in the comments.



  • 1-click creation and management of leveraged strategies. This includes asset/debt switching across protocols, leverage adjustments, refinancing, etc.
  • Community directed weekly gauge rewards distribution via Factor Scale.
  • Permissionless ERC20 liquidity incentives via Factor Boost.
  • 50% protocol revenue share with veFCTR holders
  • Liquid restaking auto-compounding and leverage strategies released. Points support incoming.


  • Gauge rewards bribe market to be launched this week.
  • Factor Ecosystem Fund to support contributors and Arbitrum DeFi protocols with monetary and professional resources.
  • Factor Studio: Drag-and-drop strategy creation for self-managed as well as externally-managed vaults
  • Factor SDK: A full framework for DeFi strategy development and deployment, allowing the creation of new primitives and protocols.

Get Involved

Do drop a comment below or ping us directly on Discord if you have any questions and we will be eager to share more about the Factor ecosystem.

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