Frax Finance Bi-Weekly Update (Dec 1, 2023)

Recap of the Previous Two Weeks

ARB Received Last Disbursement: 214,286 ARB

ARB Utilized as Incentives in the Last Two Weeks: 0 ARB

Contracts incentivized over the last 2 weeks: None

Contract address label Form 12 completed for all addresses: Yes

ARB left over: 214,286 ARB

Plan for leftover ARB: We are going to start our distribution of incentives from this cycle, and we will distribute the leftover amount between the remaining cycles.

Summary of incentives: N/A

Additional Info / Disclosures to Multisig: N/A


Average daily TVL: $18,226,226

Average daily transactions: 1193

Average daily volumes: $3,781,260

Number of unique user addresses: 685

Transaction fees: N/A (We are working with OpenBlock Labs to find the best way to collect this since our pools/vaults are within multiple different protocols)

Link to Dashboard showing metrics:

OpenBlock Dashboard: OpenBlock Labs

Frax Fianace Arbitrum Dune Dashboard:

Plan For the Next Two Weeks

Amount of ARB to be distributed: 150k ARB

Contracts that will be incentivized:

Contract Address
Lending - Aark - FRAX 0x7A5df878e195D09F1C0bbba702Cfdf0ac9d0a835
Lending - Aave - FRAX 0x38d693cE1dF5AaDF7bC62595A37D667aD57922e5
DEX - Curve - FRAX/USDC.e 0xc9b8a3fdecb9d5b218d02555a8baf332e5b740d5
DEX - Curve - frxETH/WETH 0x1deb3b1ca6afca0ff9c5ce9301950dc98ac0d523
DEX - Curve - USD±FRAXBP 0xb34a7d1444a707349bc7b981b7f2e1f20f81f013
DEX - Curve - fxUSD-FRAXBP 0xab174ffa530c888649c44c4d21c849bbaabc723f
DEX - Curve - IN-FRAXBP 0xc9fb013da36fad6422dabb4f2ddfdaaca17205e6
DEX - Curve - axlUSD-FRAXBP 0x741aea6c7707b39bd950da945f84d6b8ba455d48
Lending - Fraxlend - FRAX/ARB 0x2D0483FefAbA4325c7521539a3DFaCf94A19C472
DEX - Fraxswap - FRAX/WETH 0x0BB5A573886bbcecf18590b6Cb59E980FAC7d278
DEX - Fraxswap - FRAX/FXS 0x90FF2b6b6a2eb3C68D883bc276F6736b1262fa50
DEX - Fraxswap - FRAX/ARB 0xf9901732A568e7030126E1b3676a4fcd29907B08
Lending - LFRAX - FRAX/LFRAX 0x2E9963ae673A885b6bfeDa2f80132CE28b784C40
Lending - Lodestar - FRAX 0xD12d43Cdf498e377D3bfa2c6217f05B466E14228
Lending - Lodestar - FRAX 0xc9c043A7f80258d492121d2f34e829EB6517Eb17
Lending - Notional - FRAX 0x1344A36A1B56144C3Bc62E7757377D288fDE0369
DEX - Ramses - FRAX/GRAI 0x9e8a58180dbd369ebe2fc0e8dc671ff9835ce5ab
DEX - Ramses - FRAX/USDC 0x6A9D961c9602fB484bA3C47c5F822b66721C9669
DEX - Ramses - frxETH/FRAX 0.05% 0x0c9710d820e115ef30829b4675e137dd71b25a14
DEX - Ramses - FRAX/DUSD 0x9CF9AaE54109cE68991b88EDb0CE3613eBFd7886
DEX - Ramses - FRAX/USDT 0xc39b54Da0036b8C753c3795ABFE1Ab997b799461
DEX - Ramses - FRAX/alUSD 0xfd599DB360Cd9713657C95dF66650A427d213010
DEX - Ramses - FRAX/DOLA 0x1850e96550d6716d43ba4d7df815ffc32bd0d03e
DEX - Ramses - frxETH/sfrxETH 0xf166ff5cd771923d4d4fb870403afc6f13dd2d02
DEX - Ramses - frxETH/WETH 0x3932192de4f17dfb94be031a8458e215a44bf560
DEX - Ramses - frxETH/wstETH 0x181d8532e828A9767258296c90662f5050baeA4E
DEX - Ramses - frxETH/FRAX 0.05% 0x0c9710d820e115ef30829b4675e137dd71b25a14
DEX - Ramses - sfrxETH-frxETH 0.01% 0x31d98f473edf9b23c08884392b5a734e630e8649
DEX - Ramses - RDNT/frxETH 0x6E6D67C1369e62D73F5CEB99E02b3b5E7b89dbb9
Lending - Stargate - FRAX 0xaa4BF442F024820B2C28Cd0FD72b82c63e66F56C
DEX - UNIV3 - FRAX/USDC.e 0x46Dc00f9dE3d51182F8686E1F8491645506e2F61
DEX - UNIV3 - FRAX/FPI 0x53d1e8F6661D6ab7c6487Bf952d21c478041f021
DEX - UNIV3 - FRAX/svUSD 0x28082db75615849D12f37627E614b479749C7903
DEX - UNIV3 - frxETH/svETH 0x6a28350341A27e98170b6e8274bF2382B4DAe6AC
DEX - Wombat - FRAX/USD+/USDC 0xf4b72e9a18e4b7c65165e437c57ff6b6202e4505
DEX - Wombat - frxETH/WETH/sfrxETH 0x6966553568634f4225330d559a8783de7649c7d3

Contract address label Form 12 completed for all addresses: Yes

Mechanism for distribution incentives:

We employ a distinctive and transparent method for distributing incentives across liquidity pools containing FRAX or frxETH. Our Incentivizer AMO (Automated Market Operator) functions through a contract. It captures snapshots of the Total Value Locked (TVL) in our pools to determine the incentive budget for each. Subsequently, it utilizes a designated incentive mechanism specific to the LPs (Liquidity Providers) of each pool, ensuring the allocated budget is appropriately distributed.

Given the scalable nature of this model, we are eager to expand our incentivizing pool list and are open to exploring new partnerships and collaborative opportunities.

FRAX Incentivizer AMO (Middleman): 0xefa5D36deBF5191328b17f2Ff74090DAdfda9A70

frxETH Incentivizer AMO (Middleman):0x3C6d74267b01E00B2C8F541ff132A7b03bcC6c70

Please use this form to let us know about your interest for partnership or if we are missing a pool:

Summary of incentives plan: Our budgets for the next two weeks will be:

  • Week 1: 60k ARB
  • Week 2: 90k ARB

Summary of changes to the original plan: N/A